Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whose Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?

Welcome to Iron Chef: Dollywood Edition

Chef Aidan, please tell us the inspiration for your dish.

I was very inspired by the classic childhood urge to take delicious food, and dip it in something to make it taste even better. I had ketchup, mustard, and ranch dressing all available to me, but that kind of dip had been done before, and I wanted to go for a new, bold flavor. When I saw my packet of butter to the side of my roll, I knew I had found the flavor combination I was going for.

Simply take your *fried chicken*, dip it straight into the *butter*, and enjoy.

Thank you, Chef. Just when we thought fried chicken couldn't get any more unhealthy, you have expanded our culinary minds.

Chef Jack, please tell us the inspiration for your dish.

I too was inspired to 'dip', but unlike my competitor, I enjoy the simple flavors. I wish to show the range and delicacy of the butter itself. I do this by my confident removal of not only all other ingredients, but I also removed all utensils.

To experience this dish to the fullest, simply take your butter tub, dip your finger, and enjoy.

Thank you, Chef. We were having a difficult time making our decision of which chef will earn the title of Iron Chef: Dollywood, but then Chef Aidan made a last minute entry in the dessert course:

I wanted to combine two of my favorite things, to create a completely new flavor profile. So I took my vanilla pudding, with a small dollop of whip cream and a few sprinkles, and I combined that with an entire piece of chocolate cream pie (crust and all). It was a risky move, and although the first few bites were enjoyable, I had to admit that it was not my finest work.

Thank you, Chef. Your creativity has earned you the title of "Iron Chef: Dollywood". We will issue you a word of caution, however, that your presenation and plating could use some improvement.


Kayleen said...

Adorable post! I have to say that the fried chicken with peanut butter sounds pretty good. I love Thai Peanut Chicken! and my kids know Peanut Butter is my favorite food!

Valeni said...

That is a very cute post Shanna. Love to hear your creativity in writing. The kids creations sounded pretty good to me. I am always up for fat and calories. Yum!!!!

Lisa L. said...

Well, at least you were able to balance out the saturated fat with some healthy cheese from the Grist Mill. (I'm sorry, just the name Grist mill makes me a little sick).

Reminds me of when Mo and I went to see the boys at birth. While out to eat, Carter took a bite of butter and grinned and said, "YUM". I guess everybody's got to eat butter straight at some point in their lives! :)

Cecilee said...

Ahhh, delicious butter! I will have to try the fried chicken/butter combination. The pudding/chocolate pie sounded great to me...

Hope you had a fabulous time in Dollywood. We've never been. How was it?

Jennifer said...

To quote a friend "Fat tastes good."