Monday, September 20, 2010

Abby scores a goal

In the first few minutes of the first game... Abby *ahemAbigail* (I'm still not quite used to her name change) scored a goal! Several times at the beginning of the game, she would break away with the ball. She would run it all the way down, then stop just outside the goalie box and just stand there. Except for once, she followed through, and kicked it in!

With her long legs and a season of experience, she had the confidence to get it in! We were so proud of her!

And her two brothers, despite being the youngest and smallest on the field, were right in the game. Aidan played goalie the first half, and stopped many attempts. He also played a great defense and put himself in front of the ball for several key turn-arounds. He had great energy in the second half when a lot of the other players were slowing down, and was attacking the ball with great gusto!

Jack for some reason spends a lot of his time rolling in the grass. Between getting bumped around and putting his whole self into each play, we joke that he spends more time on the ground than he does standing upright! But to his credit, he pops right back up every single time, and he took two great shots that almost went in.

Watching a soccer game with all of my kids on the same team was a total blast! I haven't had that much fun in a long time!


Camille said...

It's kind of amazing how much Abigail and Jack look alike. They could totally be biological siblings- I bet most people think they are, huh? I guess the matching soccer outfits help!

Lisa L. said...

Go Abby...gail! Glad your kids are having so much fun in soccer and they don't have to constantly defend themselves from an aunt always trying to take their stuff away!

Valeni said...

What great pictures and sounds like they are having fun playing soccer. Thanks for sharing all the details. Wish we had been there!

Shanna said...

Lisa, as much as I tease your daughter, I tease my own much, much more! They don't have to defend from an Aunt- they have to defend from Mama! :)