Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

I want to thank you for staying a little longer this year. Today's rain aside, I have been greatly enjoying your sunshine and warmth. I know some people are giving you a hard time, and wishing for cold weather, but I will tell you this:

It will be cold soon enough. Please stay as long as you like. You are welcome here. Sure, I love jeans, sweaters and boots as much as anyone, but I will stretch the use of my tired t-shirts and capris just a little longer. I will bask in your long days and bright evenings. I will send my children to play in the sandbox and backyard, and I will enjoy the company of friends as we boat on the lake... in late September.

Please, Summer, ignore the falling leaves. Ignore the calendar and all the crazies who enjoy being bundled and cold. I have no problem trick or treating in 90 degree weather. It sure beats trying to fit a winter coat under my costume, as I did when I was a child. I think Thanksgiving and Christmas would also be improved by heat, so I will go ahead and invite you to stay for the holidays.

Continue to send whatever heat you wish. I will even accept the humidity, because every day that I am hot simply reminds me that I am not yet cold, and for that I am grateful! And, when you have to eventually leave, please do not stay gone too long. I will miss you.



StrawberryBlond said...

Let's trade places! It sounds like AZ is made for you. :o)

Melinda said...

I could write the same letter--but I would rather have fall stay year round--at least, Atlanta Fall--no humidity, cool evenings, warm afternoons, can wear both the sweaters and the t-shirts--but no need for an actual jacket or coat.....If fall could come and stay with me year round I would be happy (especially now that I have someone else to rake my leaves!)

Ed and Jennifer said...

Oh...I soooo feel the same way!