Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Soccer Practice

I absolutely LOVED watching my 3 cute kids practice soccer!

Last year, only Abigail played. She did okay, but it was not as enjoyable as we had hoped. It was hard for her, and several times she would beg not to go. I actually was pretty resistant to signing her up again, but Kydon was pretty insistent- he wanted at least one year of all 3 of them on the same team. Jack and Aidan spent all last season just chomping at the bit waiting for their turn to actually play on the team! They would practice the whole time Abigail was at practice, and they have worked on it all summer.

Last week, Kydon took the three of them shopping for cleats, new soccer balls, and shin guards. That upped the excitement by quite a bit!

I was so happy to see them all at practice and having such a great time. Jack and Aidan were so excited and happy to be there, and they were holding their own with all the 6 and 7 year olds! They were right in there the whole time kicking and playing and running around.

And Abigail seemed to be having a much better time. She was a lot more aggressive this time than she was last year, and that meant she had some successful kicks, which made her have a lot more fun. I think she also just loved having her two brothers there on the team.

And, just in case 3 players from one family isn't enough, Kydon volunteered to be the assistant coach! May as well make it an even 4!

After practice, Jack and Aidan still couldn't get enough, and we stayed around for another hour kicking the ball around and trying to shoot goals past each other!

Even though soccer practice was fun, several times I looked over to see Abigail practicing her backbends- it was cracking me up that anytime she stopped running she was bent over backward!

This is my favorite picture- Jack and Aidan deep in conversation with "the best player on the team"- I can just hear him giving them words of advice!

All lined up to work on "keep the puppy on his leash"- controlling the ball. It was a great practice! I am really excited for this soccer season!

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