Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gone in the blink of an eye

I wrote a fantastic post today. It was amazing. Really, really beautiful. And when I hit "publish", it was gone. Just gone.

I can't believe such a fabulous post (I can say how wonderful it was all I want, because you will never read it, haha) is just completely gone.

I have not forgotten about this blog! I will try to blog more... once a week just isn't cutting it!

Oh how I wish that post was saved somewhere!


Cecilee said...

Just catching up on your blog. Looks like the kids are enjoying soccer. That is one big advantage to having the kids so close in age...

I hope your kitchen gets done soon. I feel your pain. We just finished a new roof. Took several long weeks and no husband and father around.

Erika said...

Oh how frustrating! I'm sure it was a great post.