Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Have Wheat!

I went to the cannery last week, and I now have ALL the wheat that I have been trying to gather!

I also have sugar, beans, rice, and oats... all that my family will need for an (estimated) year!

I need one more trip, where I will gather the last of my pasta, milk, and then get a few "extras", like dehydrated carrots, onions, and apples.

When I bring those home, I will be done with the "gathering" phase and will move to the "maintenance" phase! Yahoo!

I would also like to report that my 3 month supply is still going strong. I was talking to someone the other day who told me that she had her 3 month supply at one point, but now it is almost completely gone. I can definately relate to that! It does take work to maintain this, but I have figured out one key-

You have to make inventory easy! Once I made my list of what I wanted, and started storing it all, I made labels for everything- what it was and how much I should have. I keep it in only 3 places- a shelf in my basement, my downstairs freezer and a few items in my pantry. I can take inventory in about 10-15 minutes. I just look at the label, see what I am missing, then write a shopping list as I go. For example, I see on my label that I want to have 10 bottles of salsa, I look and count 8 on the shelf, so I write "salsa-2" on my list.

The list goes straight into my purse, and I can easily pull it out when I shop and get a few items each trip. When the list has everything crossed off, I take myself downstairs and spend a few minutes making a new list. Yes, it does take a little time, but once I got my system down, the time is very minimal, and the rewards are great!

For my freezer and pantry items, I just have one label that lists items and amounts that should be in there, rather than labeling each individual item.

The next thing I need to do is compile my recipes! I have been putting that off for several months now, but it is still on my radar to get done... one of these days!


colleensewnsew said...

Wow, I am so impressed. I am going to work on the inventory system. You have worked hard on this.

ali said...

hey, we have a can of wheat! We are totally prepared.

Ed and Jennifer said...

Awesome!!Way to go!

tiffanyfarhner said...

you are my hero!!! I am absolutely in awe of ur food storage. hero!!!