Thursday, September 16, 2010

Progress is Painful

My kitchen is a total mess. All the time, no matter what. I don't even bother doing the dishes most of the time, becuase really, what is the point? (I mean, besides having clean dishes and not having gross food sitting around) There is no point to making an effort to clean, because it is and will be a huge and utter mess for now and several weeks to come.

I have learned one thing about myself. I am NOT a fan of open shelving. I know it is making a comeback, and really cool people swear it is better. I have lived with it for a month or so now, and I think I have developed a nervous tick from having to look and every single thing I own every time I'm in the kitchen. What I wouldn't give to be able to close a door on all this!

I keep trying to convince Kydon to hire someone to finish it. He won't do it. He is so worried that they won't do as good of a job as he will, and he will be out all the money and still not have it done right. I don't really care about all that, I just want it D-O-N-E.
One disadvantage of my open floor plan is that I can see this mess from everywhere in the house!

I am happy to see that I will eventually like the finished project. I love not having that bar anymore, and I love the bookshelves. It would be slightly better if I didn't have to stress about any water spilling out of the sink onto exposed wood, but that is just a minor detail, right?

I'm still using the dishwasher pot (when I actually force myself to do dishes, that is).

Kydon works tirelessly on it. Every single night he helps to put the kids to bed, then picks up his tools and gets to work. All day, every Saturday for several weeks now, he works all day, barely even stopping to eat. I clean up a little, then sit on the couch and think about my attitude- try to not feel too guilty for not helping, and try not to feel too resentful that he spends every spare minute on this thing! I am grateful- I really am, it is just starting to wear on me.

My dad has also been over many times to help and work and give Kydon the support that he is not getting from me! Thanks Dad!
It will be beautiful... one day!


ali said...

construction is draining isn't it?

It's looking good though, can I come test drive it when you finish?

And I totally think open shelving should be limited to one or two small areas where only the pretty things can be displayed ;)

StrawberryBlond said...

No open shelving for me. I have enough clutter without having to look at what's in the cupboards.

I'm sure it's aggravating, but do spend one minute each day being glad to have a handy husband that CAN remodel your kitchen. I'll never see my hubby doing that... I'm lucky if he'll change a light bulb out of my reach.

Lisa L. said...

I feel you on the kitchen! When we had to fix our ceiling, it was awful and that was just the ceiling. Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end.

Ed and Jennifer said...