Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why Separating Twins Is A Good Thing

The kids got off the bus the other day, and the driver motioned me over. She proceeded to tell me that "one of your boys" keeps standing up and won't sit down on the bus. Then came the following conversation:

Me: "Oh, sorry- which boy was it?"

Bus Driver: ...blank stare...

Me: "Was it the one with blond hair or the one with brown hair?"

Bus Driver: ...blank stare..."I don't know" (said in tone like "how could I ever be expected to be able to tell a difference between twins")

Me: Okay! Great! Because, I will just go home and get onto both of them, even though you said it was only one that was doing it! And by the way, if you look in your mirror to see them standing up, and can recognize enough to know that they belong to me, can't you remember if it was a child with a round face and blond, straight hair vs. a boy with a thin face and brown, curly hair??? Seriously??

I can't even tell you how many times I get a comment that starts with "one of your boys" and when I ask which one, get a blank stare in return.

Because, you know, they are TWINS. How can you possibly tell them apart??

And that is one of the reasons we decided to put them in different classes in school!


ali said...

I would have said: "Then how can you be sure it was one of my boys and not someone elses?"

I mean, if you can't recognize who it is, you don't know.

Jennifer said...

Funny how people get stuck on an idea like that. If they didn't know they were twins they would never guess, yet somehow can't tell them apart once they know.

Melinda said...

Caroline acted that way with twins that looked nothing alike--but she was 4! Really--I can't believe the bus driver couldn't tell you that!