Thursday, October 28, 2010

Backsplash and Bonus

Our tile backsplash is going in!
And looking beau-ti-ful!

As a bonus, I've been putting the cupboard doors back on...

One down and only 57,000 more to go!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Closer!

Still more painting to be done, but the countertops look great!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did you know we are remodeling the kitchen?

Just in case I haven't talked about it enough...
The work on the kitchen is (finally) clicking along! The painters are doing a fabulous job. Supposedly they will wrap up the work today, and the countertops are scheduled for tomorrow.

If the painting and countertops both get done, it will pretty much give me my kitchen back! They will tile the backsplash Thursday, and appliances will be delivered Friday. Which means that starting Friday I can start to attack this gigantic mess that I call a dining room:

In the meantime, at least the microwave is still accessible:

(kind of)

I have been banished to the upstairs, basement, and backyard, but I don't mind a bit (upstairs = sewing, basement = computer, backyard = cute kids). Plus I have an excuse not to clean! Although I can't wait to start cleaning on Friday! When things are chaotic I start to get so antsy to start cleaning and organizing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who Has Time To Blog?

These past few days I have felt like I had a long list of things to get done, and I work hard every day, and I do make progress, but not enough to really get anything D.O.N.E.

School has been busy.... I am now reading in each class once a week, which means that 3x per week I'm at the school. I love it, but it does take time! The homework seems to have increased. I'm not sure how- maybe the kids are just not as willing to get it done? But it seems like we are spending a lot more time and effort to get it done.

I have projects I want to finish- a baby blanket for my friend who adopted a baby a couple weeks ago, some cute little aprons for birthday gifts for Abigail's friends, and some Christmas presents that have been waiting and waiting. I have made progress on each of these, but they just can't seem to get all the way done.

Kids have been sick- Aidan last week and Abigail this weekend. That puts a damper on things! Oh yeah, and a little thing called Halloween which means costumes and candy and a few extra items on my 'to do' list! (Somebody please tell Aidan he can't say he wants one costume that we already have for months and then 2 days before the party tell me that he wants to be a Husky. Maybe next year, kid)

Besides spinning my wheels trying to get things finished, I am feeling very, very antsy about my crazy messy house! I get things organized, and then we live for a while, and the organization starts to break down and you have to reset. Well, we have passed the reset stage, but I keep putting everything off until the kitchen gets done- there is no point organizing a room when it is half filled with extra items that don't belong, right?

I can't wait to get the kitchen finished and put back together! It looks like it might all come together THIS week! We had painters today and they will be back Monday and Tuesday, the countertops will be installed Wed, and tile backsplash on Thursday, then new dishwasher comes on Friday! One more week of chaos then I can put it all back together!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Heads

The county we live in has a very strict school attendance policy. Part of the attendance policy includes the opportunity for "educational experiences" outside of school. As long as you get administrator approval, your kids can have up to 5 excused absences for doing something educational.

Last year we went to The Great Wolf Lodge. It was very educational. We learned about telling time (how many more minutes till we can go to the pool), gravity (which waterslide is the fastest), personal safety (if you run away from Mommy there will be trouble), and recycling (throw your gatorade bottle in the green can, not the black can).

When I was reading the learning objectives for Kindergarten and First Grade, I knew we were going to have some fun this year. Both of them have an objective to learn months and seasons. Wah-lah: visit a pumpkin farm in October! We have an awesome principal who sees the educational value in these field trips.

Fractions (stay on your half of the seat and quit bothering your brother)... weather (you don't need 6 coats and gloves and scarves when it is 82 degrees)... cause and effect (if you throw a pumpkin it will break), seasons (it stays nice and warm in Georgia all the way to Thanksgiving), and I talked to them about the harvest (explaining what those huge hay bales were).

We went with our cousins, which made it really fun. Attempting to get them all in a picture was not so fun, nor was it successful, but we have evidence that we tried.

These two used to not even be able to be in the same room with each other, but now, with age and maturity, they are becoming occasional friends. We try to encourage it, because they are both the only girl in their families, so they need to be sisters!

They had a gigantic section of these amazingly big pumpkins. I tried to use this to teach about anabolic steriods, but I don't think they got it.

Jack, the lover of all things orange, was especially happy on this day!

Abigail loved all the little pumpkins. Probably because she is my little pumpkin. She loved to look at them, and pick them up and rub them and drop them and break the stems and step on them.
Trying my best to get all 3 of them with the pumpkins... Abigail was determined that I would not succeed.

She won.
Grandma came, Aunt Lisa brought Ellie and a friend, Melinda with her kids. I actually had a red v-neck shirt on before we left, but at the last minute I remembered about my pumpkin shirt and changed. When we all gathered together, I was happy to be the only one not wearing the uniform!

The hayride was by far the best I had been on- real hay all spread out, we went through a small river, up and down steep hills, saw a bear, went through a haunted bridge and had a comedy sketch performed by talking pumpkins. All while eating boiled peanuts. Perfect fall experience!

All in all, it was extremely educational. Now I just need to figure out how to spin a trip to Disney World so it can be excused as well!

Loopy Monday

I may be slack on my posting lately, but I'm trying to at least keep up with my Monday mornings! I felt SO out of the loop last week! Two rough days of work on Tues and Wed, and then I just could not get back to normal! It took me until yesterday to transition back to day time hours. I spent the whole week feeling tired and out of it. Hopefully today will mark the first day of being back in the loop with my life and plans and projects!

Is anyone else feeling that Christmas is creeping up? I have so many ideas for projects and haven't finished a one. Maybe that is where the pressure is coming from. I need to spend some time in my sewing room, but I don't know if that will happen for a while.

The agenda for this week? KITCHEN!! Our painters are still putting us off... I am going to call today and see if I can light a fire to make them show up this week. In the meantime, we decided to go ahead with the other stuff, and we picked out our counter tops on Saturday! They are coming on Tuesday to start that process, and said it would only take a few days! Now that I convinced Kydon to let us get one thing done for us (the paint), he is all for getting everything done, so the counter top people are also going to do the tile work at the same time. It will be so nice to have it done! All ya'll will be invited for the inauguration!

We also have a special visitor this week- Grandma's dog Mitzi! I had been talking and talking about how much I loved this dog, and how easy she was to take care of , and how fun she was to have around... then we came home the first day to doggie throw up all over the floor. The joke was on me, and it was a nice reminder that it is still a D.O.G., and the best kind of those are the kind that belong to neighbors or Grandmas!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy Start Monday

Abigail is my alarm. My alarm goes off EVERY morning at 5:00 am or 5:30 am. If my Alarm stays up until midnight or so, it does not go off until 6:00 am.

Today I had parent teacher conferences at 7:00 am. No problem. Usually by 7 am we have gotten up, dressed, eaten breakfast, watched a show, played on scooters and begged for a snack. Today, I woke up, and it was 7:05.


Luckily I was mistaken about the time and the conference was at 7:30, so I got all the kids dressed and out the door ASAP. Breakfast of cheezits, graham crackers and water never killed anyone, right? I guess we will see! :)

All of my cute kids had glowing reports at their conferences (at least, all I heard was glowing reports. I might or might not be biased). The good news for me is that they were all weak in the areas I knew they were weak in, and strong in the areas I knew were strengths. It is nice to know that I am seeing the same things the teachers are seeing.

Today is a day off from school, so of course we did homeschool. Writing, counting, fractions- Abigail couldn't believe she was cutting an apple for MATH, sight words and reading. Now they are at the neighbors house doing who knows what.

We will most definately go to the frozen yogurt place today, and possibly see a $1 movie. I need to get them outside, because the weather is GORGEOUS.

Great thing about today: I am shipping my first purchase from my Etsy shop! So excited about that!

Bummer about today: painters were scheduled but are not coming. Maybe later this week. Please, please, come sometime this week!

Friday, October 8, 2010

3 Cute Stitches on Etsy!

I am excited to announced that I have opened up an Etsy shop! If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know I love to craft and sew, and I am really excited to share that love with others!

It is taking longer than I would like to get everything set, settled, and ready to go, so there will be some changes to the shop coming soon (like adding in a cute banner, and listing a lot more items).

For now, please take a minute to visit my shop:! I hope you enjoy what I have made!

So far I have listed a checkerboard set:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Festivities Begin

Forget homeschool. I have so much fun planning little surprises and fun things for the kids. If they were home all day, I would not have the mental energy or desire to do these things. I know, because it wasn't all that long ago that they were home all day, and the thought of doing anything "extra" was completely overwhelming.

Now it just seems like fun! So to kick off the Halloween season, I got some cute little shirts from Old Navy, then I got some plastic gloves and filled them with candy- I used rope licorice for some vein looking things, then filled the rest with candy corn.

They were waiting on the table where we unpack backpacks and eat snack after school, so it was the first thing they saw when they came in. I love the excitement they show whenever I do something a little extra!

They had to put on the shirts right away! I think these will get some good use over the next few weeks.

A few days later, my sister asked me to watch some of her kids. Carter told her once "whenever we go to Nanny's, there is always something funky going on". That cracked me up, so now I try to make sure to have some sort of funkiness for their pleasure!

I went to the store and got all the fixin's for a "Gummy Bear Graveyard"!
Graham crackers, chocolate, licorice, candy corns and gummy bears. I love the chocolate dribbles on Caroline's chin!

Jack with his creation- each of the candy corns is a tombstone.

Aidan is pretty washed out, but I still had to include him!

Abigail and her crazy faces! She made an extra for Alex, who was with Melinda.

Carter was way too busy to look at the camera. Graveyards are serious business.

Aaron was pretty happy as long as he had one candy in each hand! Let the Halloween season begin! I petitioned the school principal, and got her to approve an absence for me to take the kids to a pumpkin farm! We are headed there today to get some pumpkins, ride in hay, and generally revel in the season!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summertime Goal

We set a family goal at the beginning of the summer to hike *up* Stone Mountain. We had been down several times (take the tram up, then walk down), but we thought this was the year we could bite the bullet and tackle the 1.3 mile hike.

Of course, then it got hot, and hiking up a mountain in sweltering heat didn't appeal to anyone, so we delayed until the fall.

Finally, a few weeks ago, we skipped out on the kitchen and accomplished our goal!

Grandma and Grandpa came along. We had been worried about the kids, but shouldn't have. Every time we stopped to rest, the adults would sit and breathe, and the kids would run around, up and down the hills, and generally go a little crazy. Then we would hike again!

I love these punks.

Once we got to the top, I pulled some kites out of my backpack! There is always a great breeze at the top, along with wide open spaces- those are sometimes hard to come by in the most forrested metro city in the United States! We often see people at the top flying kites, and it looked like so much fun.
It took a little work to get them all up and going, but once they were up the kids had a great time hanging onto the strings and bobbing and weaving and running around.

It was a great day on the mountain, and was nice to do something that we said we were going to!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Sick Day

Aidan has a fever today. He gets to stay home and snuggle his bubby all day! He used to nuggle it, but he learned the "sn" blend in speech therapy this week, so now he is full of snuggles.

I have to admit that when he felt hot on Saturday, my first thought was that I hoped it would last through the weekend so that he could stay home on Monday! I miss having my little kiddle-bots at home!

Abigail is jealous. She made me check her temperature three times last night. When all three were normal, she had Aidan spit in her face, then asked me to recheck (I can't make this stuff up).

So, this Monday is full of cleaning, helping a friend with a sewing project, and getting some snuggles with my boy.

And, FYI, this will be the last wearing of the beloved Thomas Pajamas.

They need to be passed on to another (shorter) boy!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let 'em Eat Cake

It was my birthday not too long ago. I wanted just a normal day. I didn't want a big deal, not much fuss or mess. I was hoping for just a low-key day where I didn't have to do too much.

I got my birthday gift from Kydon early... he ordered it online and let me just get it when it came to the door (a Bosch mixer, woo hoo!). So it was never wrapped or anything, and by the time the actual day came around, the mixer had already been put to good use many times. I figured we could just keep the birthday low key and not pay too much attention to it.

Of course, we have 3 cute kids... who all really love birthdays of any kind! Abigail encouraged Kydon to let me sleep in while she helped him with our usual birthday decorations.

Aidan and Jack were in on it too. Aidan, however, was disappointed that it wasn't all he had envisioned- he wanted more streamers, and balloons, and presents and all the hoopla. We were eating breakfast, and he was bemoaning the lack of celebration.

"No presents?" Remember that I already got my present....

"No balloons?" Remember that you guys used them all one day? I never bought any more...

"No party?" No, I didn't really want a party...

He then got the saddest, most confused look on his cute little face, and asked:

"We don't even get CAKE??" It was the saddest thing, to celebrate a birthday and not even have cake! I felt like such a mean mom for having a birthday and not even getting cake!

I, of course, couldn't take it, so while they were at school I took a quick trip to the grocery store to get some things for a celebration!

We had my Mom and Dad over for dinner (luckily they accepted the last minute invitation), ate some bacon-and-blue-cheese burgers with shoestring fries and broccoli.

Of course there was cake (coconut- my favorite), and a few presents (my sister brought me a little bath scrub, so I wrapped it back up, and little t-shirt I bought myself, and my Mama got me some loaf pans to make bread using my new mixer).

It was fun, and more importantly, Aidan was happy!