Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did you know we are remodeling the kitchen?

Just in case I haven't talked about it enough...
The work on the kitchen is (finally) clicking along! The painters are doing a fabulous job. Supposedly they will wrap up the work today, and the countertops are scheduled for tomorrow.

If the painting and countertops both get done, it will pretty much give me my kitchen back! They will tile the backsplash Thursday, and appliances will be delivered Friday. Which means that starting Friday I can start to attack this gigantic mess that I call a dining room:

In the meantime, at least the microwave is still accessible:

(kind of)

I have been banished to the upstairs, basement, and backyard, but I don't mind a bit (upstairs = sewing, basement = computer, backyard = cute kids). Plus I have an excuse not to clean! Although I can't wait to start cleaning on Friday! When things are chaotic I start to get so antsy to start cleaning and organizing!


Jen said...

I don't envy you having to live in a mess, but I do envy the kitchen remodel. I want that so bad! BUT we need new cabinets so that makes it a little out of our budget. Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

ali said...

can't wait to see it all finished!