Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Festivities Begin

Forget homeschool. I have so much fun planning little surprises and fun things for the kids. If they were home all day, I would not have the mental energy or desire to do these things. I know, because it wasn't all that long ago that they were home all day, and the thought of doing anything "extra" was completely overwhelming.

Now it just seems like fun! So to kick off the Halloween season, I got some cute little shirts from Old Navy, then I got some plastic gloves and filled them with candy- I used rope licorice for some vein looking things, then filled the rest with candy corn.

They were waiting on the table where we unpack backpacks and eat snack after school, so it was the first thing they saw when they came in. I love the excitement they show whenever I do something a little extra!

They had to put on the shirts right away! I think these will get some good use over the next few weeks.

A few days later, my sister asked me to watch some of her kids. Carter told her once "whenever we go to Nanny's, there is always something funky going on". That cracked me up, so now I try to make sure to have some sort of funkiness for their pleasure!

I went to the store and got all the fixin's for a "Gummy Bear Graveyard"!
Graham crackers, chocolate, licorice, candy corns and gummy bears. I love the chocolate dribbles on Caroline's chin!

Jack with his creation- each of the candy corns is a tombstone.

Aidan is pretty washed out, but I still had to include him!

Abigail and her crazy faces! She made an extra for Alex, who was with Melinda.

Carter was way too busy to look at the camera. Graveyards are serious business.

Aaron was pretty happy as long as he had one candy in each hand! Let the Halloween season begin! I petitioned the school principal, and got her to approve an absence for me to take the kids to a pumpkin farm! We are headed there today to get some pumpkins, ride in hay, and generally revel in the season!

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Valeni said...

What cute ideas and so glad you are having fun enjoying the Fall season. Thanks for your inspiring examples!