Friday, October 1, 2010

Let 'em Eat Cake

It was my birthday not too long ago. I wanted just a normal day. I didn't want a big deal, not much fuss or mess. I was hoping for just a low-key day where I didn't have to do too much.

I got my birthday gift from Kydon early... he ordered it online and let me just get it when it came to the door (a Bosch mixer, woo hoo!). So it was never wrapped or anything, and by the time the actual day came around, the mixer had already been put to good use many times. I figured we could just keep the birthday low key and not pay too much attention to it.

Of course, we have 3 cute kids... who all really love birthdays of any kind! Abigail encouraged Kydon to let me sleep in while she helped him with our usual birthday decorations.

Aidan and Jack were in on it too. Aidan, however, was disappointed that it wasn't all he had envisioned- he wanted more streamers, and balloons, and presents and all the hoopla. We were eating breakfast, and he was bemoaning the lack of celebration.

"No presents?" Remember that I already got my present....

"No balloons?" Remember that you guys used them all one day? I never bought any more...

"No party?" No, I didn't really want a party...

He then got the saddest, most confused look on his cute little face, and asked:

"We don't even get CAKE??" It was the saddest thing, to celebrate a birthday and not even have cake! I felt like such a mean mom for having a birthday and not even getting cake!

I, of course, couldn't take it, so while they were at school I took a quick trip to the grocery store to get some things for a celebration!

We had my Mom and Dad over for dinner (luckily they accepted the last minute invitation), ate some bacon-and-blue-cheese burgers with shoestring fries and broccoli.

Of course there was cake (coconut- my favorite), and a few presents (my sister brought me a little bath scrub, so I wrapped it back up, and little t-shirt I bought myself, and my Mama got me some loaf pans to make bread using my new mixer).

It was fun, and more importantly, Aidan was happy!

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ali said...

wow. I totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday on facebook. Dumb reminders are too early!