Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Sick Day

Aidan has a fever today. He gets to stay home and snuggle his bubby all day! He used to nuggle it, but he learned the "sn" blend in speech therapy this week, so now he is full of snuggles.

I have to admit that when he felt hot on Saturday, my first thought was that I hoped it would last through the weekend so that he could stay home on Monday! I miss having my little kiddle-bots at home!

Abigail is jealous. She made me check her temperature three times last night. When all three were normal, she had Aidan spit in her face, then asked me to recheck (I can't make this stuff up).

So, this Monday is full of cleaning, helping a friend with a sewing project, and getting some snuggles with my boy.

And, FYI, this will be the last wearing of the beloved Thomas Pajamas.

They need to be passed on to another (shorter) boy!

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