Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Heads

The county we live in has a very strict school attendance policy. Part of the attendance policy includes the opportunity for "educational experiences" outside of school. As long as you get administrator approval, your kids can have up to 5 excused absences for doing something educational.

Last year we went to The Great Wolf Lodge. It was very educational. We learned about telling time (how many more minutes till we can go to the pool), gravity (which waterslide is the fastest), personal safety (if you run away from Mommy there will be trouble), and recycling (throw your gatorade bottle in the green can, not the black can).

When I was reading the learning objectives for Kindergarten and First Grade, I knew we were going to have some fun this year. Both of them have an objective to learn months and seasons. Wah-lah: visit a pumpkin farm in October! We have an awesome principal who sees the educational value in these field trips.

Fractions (stay on your half of the seat and quit bothering your brother)... weather (you don't need 6 coats and gloves and scarves when it is 82 degrees)... cause and effect (if you throw a pumpkin it will break), seasons (it stays nice and warm in Georgia all the way to Thanksgiving), and I talked to them about the harvest (explaining what those huge hay bales were).

We went with our cousins, which made it really fun. Attempting to get them all in a picture was not so fun, nor was it successful, but we have evidence that we tried.

These two used to not even be able to be in the same room with each other, but now, with age and maturity, they are becoming occasional friends. We try to encourage it, because they are both the only girl in their families, so they need to be sisters!

They had a gigantic section of these amazingly big pumpkins. I tried to use this to teach about anabolic steriods, but I don't think they got it.

Jack, the lover of all things orange, was especially happy on this day!

Abigail loved all the little pumpkins. Probably because she is my little pumpkin. She loved to look at them, and pick them up and rub them and drop them and break the stems and step on them.
Trying my best to get all 3 of them with the pumpkins... Abigail was determined that I would not succeed.

She won.
Grandma came, Aunt Lisa brought Ellie and a friend, Melinda with her kids. I actually had a red v-neck shirt on before we left, but at the last minute I remembered about my pumpkin shirt and changed. When we all gathered together, I was happy to be the only one not wearing the uniform!

The hayride was by far the best I had been on- real hay all spread out, we went through a small river, up and down steep hills, saw a bear, went through a haunted bridge and had a comedy sketch performed by talking pumpkins. All while eating boiled peanuts. Perfect fall experience!

All in all, it was extremely educational. Now I just need to figure out how to spin a trip to Disney World so it can be excused as well!


Kimberly said...

You could make a great excuse for Disney World. Epcot is TOTALLY educational! Learn about the culture and food of several countries, and study all the innovative ways they are growing plants. Don't forget Animal Kingdom, either, where you can learn about many animals. Magic Kingdom could be a study in physics, crowd control, history (pirates), literature (fairy tales), etc. Easy. :-)

Katherine Malone said...

Love this post haha. Which patch did you go to? I am searching for a quality one close by here and this one looks fantastic!!

ali said...

I love how you have to ask permission to do something with your own children. I've always thought that was really strange.

I think you guys have better pumpkins than we do, and it makes me a little bitter...

Shanna said...

We went to Burt's pumpkin farm- it was great! :)

Ali, I think we have a longer growing season than you... Don't be bitter! :)

Valeni said...

I love pumpkin pictures! Thanks for sharing your fun day, and please invite me next time. I would have enjoyed seeing all those pumpkins and being with the kids. Love you all.

Jennifer Ricker said...

LOVE the wagon wheel pict. why don't kids appreciate the awesomeness of pictures like they should?! we went to burts a few years ago..and it was as warm as when you went looks like:) fun to see all those giant pumpkins though!