Saturday, November 13, 2010

Have No Mercy On The 6 Year Olds

Last night was the pinnacle event of the soccer season for my kids. In leiu of the last practice, they decided to have a "parents vs. kids" soccer game.

All 3 have been so, so excited. We have talked about it nonstop. We have analyzed all the reasons that the kids will win. They couldn't wait for this day to come. Unfortunately, I had to go to work, and I wasn't able to participate. I actually felt really bad for missing it, which should show how much they were looking forward to this game.

I got the play-by-play from Kydon later in the evening. First play of the game, one of the moms had a breakaway run, took the ball to the goal, and kicked it as hard as she could- determined to get a goal. Please, lady, take no mind of the poor little 6 year old girl (Abigail) playing goalie who got beaned in the face with a ball at full speed. I guess you sure showed her.

Not surprisingly, she didn't want to be goalie after that. But the aggression did not let up. Finally, when the score was parents-4, kids-0, Kydon and the other coach switched teams to try and even it up a bit. That still didn't stop one of the dads from dribbling right up to Jack at the goal, kicking it back and forth while taunting him, then blasting it past him. Way to go, I'm sure you feel like a real Man now!

None of the kids got a goal. They hardly even got a chance to play, with the adults dominating the field.

Nice. Real nice. I'm glad we really shoved it to those little elementary kids.


Cecilee said...

Awww! That is so sad! It just reminds me of how weird people can get when it comes to competition. Some people care only about winning no matter what the cost. That is pretty sad that some parents need that more than making sure the kids have a great time.

I've seen some pretty brutal competitions, several being at church functions (and I'm not even talking about basketball). One time we were playing a Charaides-type game at a RS function and there was swearing and hurt feelings by the end. Unbelievable!

StrawberryBlond said...

Some grownups are not grownups at all. It's depressing to know my husband probably would've been one of the uber-competitive parents, the dork. I would've let the kids win!

colleensewnsew said...

It is so sad because think how excited the kids would have been to be the winners!

Caroline said...

poor abigal !:)

Jennifer said...