Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Need to Go Back To Monday

I didn't post on Monday this week. I am wishing that today was Monday and I could still have the enitre week in front of me!

I haven't posted pictures of my finished kitchen, because I want to wait until it is FINISHED. All the way. We still have a list that we are working on- little details like hiding wires and setting things up, a few places to caulk and touch up some paint. It will be done soon, but we still have tools and boxes all over the kitchen, so no pictures yet.

(But I love it. I really, really, really love it).

Abigail was home sick 2 days. One day she was really sick, and the other day she was totally fine, but we are supposed to keep them home until they have gone 24 hours with no fever, so she stayed home one day when she felt totally fine. It was great. Except when she was driving me crazy because she was bored! I love having them home, esp. having them home one-on-one.

I want to work a bit on some things for my Etsy Shop, I want to make some Christmas presents. I want to finish my kitchen and clean the rest of the house, but that will all have to wait. For now I need to do some prep for my meetings tonight, and maybe the rest will get done next week. Maybe.

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Valeni said...

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen Shanna. I loved the preview I got to see last week. Hope you have a great weekend and get a lot done...I'm sure you will!