Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm making a list!

And checking it twice! (or more). I'm full out into the Christmas season of getting it all done!

The tree is up. The stockings are hung. The hot chocolate has been stocked up. I am actually really close to being done with the shopping, and I have a few days scheduled to sew my brains out.

We had a fabuloso Thanksgiving. Several of Kydon's siblings came into town, bringing a couple spouses and one very cute, very large baby. They all stayed just long enough for me to wish we all lived next door to each other! We had more than plenty to eat, thousands of jigsaw puzzle pieces placed, and conversations that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Of course, my kids continued to wake at their ever normal 5:30 am, apparently unaware that Mommy needed more than 3 hours of sleep!

I got some shopping in, and found the cute black flats that I've been hunting for months (actually found 3 pair, and bought all 3) (for myself- merry christmas). I participated in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and found great things at both.

I forgot to check email, didn't blog, and just reveled in food, family, children, and blessings. I seriously love my little kiddos, and they are at the absolutely best age! Abigail went with me shopping, and we just had the most amazingly fun time together.

The joy was tempered just a bit by severe sickness that has hit all of us. In the past month, our little family of 5 has had:
  • 2 cases of strep throat
  • 2 warts burned off
  • 2 cases of pneumonia
  • 3 ear infections
  • 8 prescriptions for antibiotics, 1 steroid, 2 breathing treatments, and 3 inhalers.
  • And a partridge in a pear tree.

Unfortunately, all those many, many co-pays just ate up our Christmas budget, so I'm planning to fill the empty prescription bottles with skittles and wrap them for under the tree. Merry Christmas, kids- Santa is giving you the gift of health.


eartohear said...

I couldn't believe it when someone mentioned that now Jack was sick too! What?? I hope Aidan is feeling better. WOW! It was fun to see ya'll. Sincerely miss you Shanna! You are an amazing and gifted Mother. You really do a fabulous job. :)

ali said...

wow. Hey, since you are so together, wanna come get some things from my list done?

Ed and Jennifer said...

Oh! That sounded so fun! Good for you, and sad all the sickness! Hopefully you are done and all will be healthy now.

We missed you guys, reminiscing of being with your family last year! Maybe we will see you this year :)

And you are super talented and an inspiration to me in many way!

Villamor family said...

i dont' know how you survived the partridge...that is one nasty flu!

they are at the best age! a little personality but still listen to your opinion 75% of the time....i miss those days!