Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Our free swingset was becoming dangerously unsafe. Not only were the kids big enough to climb all over it and play in ways that were never intended by the manufacturer, but the wood was old and starting to break down.

I was worried that the next swing-play would be someone's last, so it was time to take it down.

We were sad to see it go- there have been countless happy hours spent on that swingset!
But what we replaced it with is a little more age-appropriate.

If not any less dangerous.

I haven't seen the kids in a week... but I know where they are! And I know where the neighbor kids are too! I love hearing all the giggles- and there have only been a few tiny injuries and tears.

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Valeni said...

So glad you could get the trampoline. I know they are enjoying it.