Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monday Before

Daddy with 5-month-old Abigail. Those were the best days!

Does anyone else feel like this is the last Monday? The last day to get things done before the holidays? The day before it all begins? That is how I'm feeling today- one last day of peace, and quiet, and work to get done before the craziness begins tomorrow and the next time I look at my watch it will be January. I'm standing at the edge of the hill, about to go barreling down! Should be a fun ride!

My neighbor hosted an open house for several people who had home-based businesses. She very nicely invited me to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I had to work, so I just sent some things along. That night at work I started planning out my Christmas lists... I realized that if I could use those things I was trying to sell, my Christmas sewing would be much closer to being done! Then I got scared that it would all sell and I would have to spend the next month scrambling to get everything sewn. Luckily for me, only a couple of my items sold! Thank goodness! My neighbor felt kind of bad about it, but I was very excited to get all of those things back!

On my agenda for today? Make pumpkin pies for the kindergarten feast tomorrow, clean, and do some sewing. Tomorrow is the kindergarten play and feast, then the kids will all come home and we will start the festivities! I'm really looking forward to it! Just one day to get it all ready! But, unlike last week, I don't feel too crazy or busy- just ready to have it all start.


ali said...

I feel the same way, kind of like the calm before the (fun) storm. I LOVE Thanksgiving week. More and more it becomes my most favorite time of the year.

Villamor family said...

those were the days....can we please go back to the time when our children were that old and we were just developing a friendship through LDSFS?? please? i have really been wishing for those days again...probably because my Fia turned 11 last week. 11.