Friday, December 31, 2010

Catching up on the Past

I took a blogging break. In case you didn't notice. Many times I had thoughts and ideas and pictures and stories to post, but I didn't. I sat around, played games, and disconnected from the online world. It was nice. It is also nice to be back! :)

And now, I will commence in trying to catch up with some of my stories and pictures.

First, I had to make up for my good-lesson but sad-for-kids Family Night. It is not even close to being my favorite thing to do, but the kids L-O-V-E to decorate gingerbread houses. And, since last time I gave them fake presents and made them give up toys, I figured what could be better than unlimited access to candy?

I always buy the pre-baked kit, and this year I was estatic when I opened the boxes and realized they were not only pre-baked, but also pre-assembled! Wahoo! All we had to do was slap on the
frosting and plaster it with candy!
The kids had a sugar induced coma blast chewing decorating the houses! Kydon and I had fun as well. I used to get so annoyed trying to keep them from eating it and destroying it and eating too much candy. Now I just let them do whatever they want. 2 days after decorating, I tell them it is the last day for houses and they better finish whatever they want, and then I take them to the trash.
It is the only way I can let them do gingerbread houses while keeping my sanity! And, after two days, no one cares when I throw them away. I have not had any protests.


Cecilee said...

I am so doing the premade houses next year. We tried doing our own and it was a total pain. Yours look adorable! Good job.

Do you remember which brand had the house put together?

Shanna said...

Yes, I remember the brand because I am going to be sure and buy them again next year! They were Wilton. We got them at Walmart, but I'm sure you could get them all over.

I would recommend opening them before you buy, because one of our three was broken and I had to take it back and exchange it- but it was still less work than doing it myself!! :)