Monday, December 13, 2010

Guess Who's Coming To Town?

This weekend was our annual church Christmas party! This year they changed it up a little and made it a pajama party with breakfast food. Yum!
3 Cute Kids in front of a Christmas tree! They had the best time running around the gymnasium, playing with cousins and friends, and waiting for the Big Guy to show up!

When Santa finally arrived, they let the kids go up by age- 3 and under first, then 6 and under, etc. Waiting for our turn was SO hard!

It is SO SAD when you don't get to go first! Especially when you have been waiting and waiting and waiting to for this moment to be able to tell Santa your greatest Christmas wish!
The wait can sometimes make you crazy!
When it was FINALLY our turn, Abigail asked for: MP3 player and a camera. She is 6 going on 16.
Yes, she has been a very, very good girl this year!
Jack asked for a Real Polar Express Train that is electric and you can push the button and it goes around and around. He asked for the same thing last year, and Santa brought a polar express train, but it was the wooden non-electric variety. I guess he thought he would try again.
Jack was also a very, very good boy this year!
Going up, Aidan was debating- he was either going to ask for Spiderman silly bands, which I think Santa had already ordered from Amazon the elves, or an electric train that does all the things in the movie "The Great Locomotive Chase". In an attempt to sway him toward the silly bands, I told him that I don't think they even make an electric train that has all the things from the movie. He reminded me that the elves can make ANYTHING. Right you are- just make sure to ask for the silly bands!
Whichever one he decided to ask for, he deserves it for being such a good, good boy this year!

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Cecilee said...

Awww... cute pictures. And sounds like a fun idea to do pjs and breakfast. I hope Santa pulls through for your little guys. Sounds like they are pretty specific.