Thursday, December 16, 2010

I never said my brain was fully functioning today.

I have been awake for almost 36 hours now. Severe sickness and cold symptoms on Monday and Tuesday, very little sleep Tues night, up all day running around on Wed, then I went to work Wed night. Thank goodness my cold is gone, but at midnight, right when the only way I can keep myself motivated not to quit my job that very second is dreams of my soft pillow and warm bed... they closed school for a little ice.

How ironic, when I am always wishing and hoping and scheming for ways to keep my kids home from school. How sad that the one day they are off all I want to do is sleep!

I'm trying to calculate exactly how much sugar and caffeine I will need to get through this day! Unfortunately, trying to calculate anything is probably not a very achievable goal right now!

Also, how in the world can we possibly be out of Advil? I buy it by the bucket at Sam's Club. Of course, it is my drug of choice for almost every occasion, but how can we run out TODAY? Sick and wrong.

Also, the day shift nurses were mostly all late to work today (because of the non-existant ice). And when mine showed up basically on time, I did the happy dance because I wouldn't have to stay late when I was already exhausted! Except that she was the slowest-report-receiver EVER, and I was actually the very last night person to leave! And before I left she asked if I would do one more thing. I said no.

Also, why does one hospital give me 3 or 4 patients, when the other campus of the "same" hospital give me 5? It doesn't make any sense at all, but I do know where to sign up to work from now on.

Also, Kydon took the car because the truck slides all over the place when there isn't ice, so I was worried about him driving. So we are stuck at home- not that we have anywhere to go anyway, but still, it is something to complain about.

I think the kids would love to make sugar cookies. It would keep them busy, and give them something fun to do, and they would be able to have a good memory of their snow day. I even got out the ingredients to make them, but I just don't know if I can handle the mess without completely losing it.

Also, the kids are being super-de-dooper good today. They watched a movie while I dozed, and now they are playing nicely in the basement. I just checked, and they are all getting along, playing with only kid-appropriate things, and just enjoying themselves. Maybe I should be sleep-deprived more often. There is no way I'm stopping all this nice play to have them make sugar cookies.

Usually after I work we order something for dinner, because I am too lazy to worry about fixing something. This week I had a goal to not do that and to make dinner. That goal got abandoned when I realized the kids would be home and Kydon was still going in to work. Pizza, anyone?


Jen said...

What a bummer that the day they finally stay home you aren't awake enough to enjoy it...sounds like something that would happen around here. Hope the ice goes away and you get some sleep

Jen said...
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Cecilee said...

Ugh! I am so sorry. THere is nothing worse than being dead tired and not being able to sleep. I can see lots of LONG children's movies in your future. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to survive, right? Pizza sounds fabulous!

Camille said...

Wow. I think you should ask Santa for a nap for Christmas.

Also, I think you deserve some french onion dip and potato chips to go with the pizza :)