Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A season of peace

I have been on top of my game this month. Way back in November I was sitting at work and decided to plan out my calendar for the next month or so. I figured out all the things I was committed to do. I planned everything out. I scheduled go time and down time and shopping time. Everything was set.

I actually accomplished the goal. I got most of my projects finished, I did the shopping and the wrapping and the baking and the visiting and helping and sewing. I worked and planned ALL month long to have this week- the week leading to Christmas- free and clear.

I pictured evenings at home, drinking hot chocolate and reading "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever". I pictured early bedtimes and warm baths for the children.

Despite all my plans and work, things just creep in. At first, it is only one little thing- that isn't bad. Then another, but it is something we really need to do. And one more, because it is the only time that works for everyone. Well, before I could blink, this week is chock full. Parties, activities, trips, and more going on than I can believe.

We will be up late every night. Each day I have to rush around to prepare for that night. Baths will be few and rushed. There is no hot chocolate, and I'm reading the book in the car as we go from place to place. It is not the week that I have dreamed of.

But- it is still wonderful. Watching their faces last night as they sat on Santa's lap (I'll post pictures when I find where I put the camera) was precious. Watching the baby cousins cry at the very thought of getting close to that Big Man... enjoying the families presentations... laughing and scrambling during the annual white elephant gift exchange... it was wonderful! The rest of the week will be as well- it is all great things we are doing, just a different pace than I was hoping for. And, you know, reading in the car was pretty awesome too. We weren't snuggled on the couch, but they were laughing and intently listening, and it made the car ride fun.


colleensewnsew said...

I loved watching the kids last night. They were so excited. I remember the first party that Santa came to and how excited Jack was, even though he was little. Maybe Dad and I will try reading in the car!

Villamor family said...

we will all need a vacation after this Christmas vacation!