Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was fabulous. Santa found our house, and we all must have been very, very good this year!
I was going to make the kids some floor cushions, but then I found these for the same price it would have been to make them! I didn't order them in time for Christmas delivery, and I was trying to plan a note to leave the kids... but then they came just 2 days before Christmas! I was so excited!
Our annual picture on the top of the stairs! I love the excitement and also Jack's annoyance! :) Abigail got up early and decided to dress up for the occasion.
Brother love!
Aidan's first reaction, upon seeing his pile of loot was to say "I didn't get what I wanted"! But then we reminded him that he asked for Spider Man silly bands. He still was hoping for the electric train that followed the story line of his movie, but eventually was happy with his Hot Wheels and other toys!
Abigail was stoked to see all her gifts! Jack was happy too! He asked for the same electric train for 2 years now. And, it might have been 3 in a row, but Santa found a great deal and fulfilled his wish!
Aidan got a new pet- a cute little husky dog! He was so proud to have matching eyes with the husky, and he ran right up to get his little "wolfy" and introduce them to each other! So cute! The three haven't been apart since!
A Christmas miracle- both boys wore jeans ALL DAY! I couldn't believe it! They haven't worn them since, of course, but still... one day in pants that weren't sweats of their own free will was quite surprising!
Jack was overjoyed with his Auburn/Cam Newton shirt! Totally a coincidence- I bought it for the orange and blue, but then we remembered that Cam Newton is 02!

Another Christmas miracle- it snowed! In Georgia! On Christmas Day! Apparently that hasn't happened since 1886 or something. Crazy! I got a new, fancy camera for Christmas, so from here on out there will be a lot of pictures, but none of me! :)

After the present-palooza, we headed over to my uncle's for a wonderful and fancy dinner with everyone gathered. It was so great. Good food, time to talk to family, and a nice clean house to enjoy (since ours was a wreck of paper and boxes and toys)!
Grandpa with my cute nephew! I love this picture!

My sister and her boy- he was feeling a little off.... always happens at Christmas!
I have another batch of pictures from the other half of our day... I will put them in another post!


colleensewnsew said...

Love the new camera -- I can tell the difference in your pictures!

Caroline said...

carter is allergec to snow