Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

I have been wanting to set a tradition for the way we celebrate on Christmas Eve. It didn't really matter that much to me what we did exactly, but I knew I wanted to all be home together, and have special food that will one day be a good memory, and have it be something we could easily repeat every year.
I think I found success! It wasn't really all that fancy, but I didn't want fancy- just peaceful and fun! We started out with special food- I decided to do an appetizer meal. That way we could incorporate all of our favorites, it wouldn't be too much work, and we could eat the leftovers on Christmas day!
After eating our fill, we read the Christmas story from Luke. I thought that the kids were just all off in la-la land during the reading, so I asked each of them to tell me something about the story, and they each came up with something that was only in the scripture story- not something they would have just know from knowing the story! Yay!

Then we let them open one gift each. Jack and Aidan opened some light sabers- Double Light Sabers, in fact! Thanks to Mommy scoring a deal, they finally got their dream weapon. Abigail opened a Zhu-Zhu pet, something Aidan knew she would love!

After playing with the gifts for a while, it was still too early for bed... even for us! So we watched the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, then went off to snuggle into the covers. It was my definition of a perfect night- relaxed, everyone was happy and cheerful, we had good food and fun things to do, and we all got to bed early!
May the Force be with you!


Rebecca said...

This sounds awesome! And when did J & A get so tall? They are all 3 adorable!

Caroline said...

love adin's face