Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goal Update

On January 1st, I blogged about my new year's goals. I accomplish nothing when I don't make myself accountable, so I thought today might be a good day to update any progress being made or not being made. Here it goes!

  • Clean and organize my home

Yeah, not so much. Between snow week and adoption conference week and working and lazy, it hasn't happened yet. Actually, now that I'm thinking, I did wash all the shutters upstairs, plus all the baseboards and ceiling fans. So that is better than nothing! This week hopefully more progress will be made on that front!

  • Increase exercise

I have increased it. I am consistently exercising about 3x/week, which is more than what I was doing before! It would be nice to increase it more, but I'll just take it step by step!

  • Drink more water

Done! I drink 6-8 glasses a day, and have done that since the new year. I almost never drink soda anymore- maybe 1-2 per week, where before it was my only source of hydration! Yay- progress! :)

  • Be proactive with my children's education.

Working and thinking about this one. I constantly think about homeschool. It obsesses me. It drives Kydon crazy! :) I did have lesson plans and all sorts of things that we did over Christmas break, and it was great. I don't know where this will lead, but so far, so good.

  • New shoes

This one has been shamefully neglected. Maybe if I get all my work and projects done this week I can spend some time working on getting some really fab shoes!

  • Dermatologist

Not yet. I should call this week for an appointment. Bleh.

  • Bake bread

I have a fabulous recipe that I got from a friend, that I'm sure will work wonders. It calls for Vit. C powder or crystals or something, so I did at least look for it when I went to the grocery store (they didn't have it- not that I really thought they would, but I figured I would check). So, the next step is to stop at a health store and get some. I'm getting there!

  • Complete home projects

None, nada, zip, zilch. This week should change that- I'm planning to paint the laundry room, touch up a bunch of assorted wall paint, and restain the banister and a bench we have. Should be easy to do in a week, right? Please, allow me my delusion.

  • Find the church bag I put away in a brilliant place 4 months ago

No luck on this one either.

  • Stop drinking Diet Coke

Done, I had one/day for about a week, and none since. Last time I stopped, I still had it in the house, and I replaced it with other caffinated soda. This time I just switched to water!

  • Stop eating ice cream every night.

Also done. I've only had ice cream once since Jan 1, and it was at a party- so that doesn't really count, right? :)

  • Lose 20 lbs (or so)

Working on it. A few summers ago, I lost 22 lbs. It was awesome! Then I gained about 30. That was not so awesome. I need to get it back off, but this time I am a lot more focused on keeping it off. Last time I was super-duper strict and anal about every little thing I ate. This time I'm trying, but I'm not killing myself about every bite, or beating myself up if I have a bad meal/bad day. It is slow, but steady. In all I've lost about 5 lbs this month, so better than nothing!

  • No more ugly bathrooms

The bathrooms are scheduled to be re-done in the fall. The one just needs new tile, new vanity, new mirror and some wall paper. And maybe remove a wall. The master bath needs new tile, new shower, new vanities, new mirrors, new wallpaper, and something to make it pretty. Hopefully we can get it going by July or August. It might be sooner, but my work is really slow in the summer, so if I don't work at all it will get pushed back a bit.

  • No more messy basement.

Also no progress. It is a mess down there! I have a few ideas for it, so maybe it will work out this week. Man, I have a big list for this week!

Hope you are all doing well on your resolutions or whatever that you are trying to improve!


Ed and Jennifer said...

I do know about that vitamin c she's talking about for the bread. It surprised me. Ed figured it out. We found some at a Mennonite store under citric acid. It is a white powder. We were using our nutrimill to grind up 4-5 vitamin C tablets and just putting them in with the flour, adding a tablespoon of cornstarch, and that works too. For our bread now I use the citric acid (still add 1T of corn starch), gluten and then the rest of the stuff. Bread is so yummy!

Cecilee said...

Whoa! I feel overwhelmed just reading your list. You are very ambitious. Don't beat yourself up for not starting on everything. Sounds like you are doing great on those you have started. Just cleanign the blinds, baseboards, fans sounds like a huge accomplishment in and of itself. I guess I still need to make my "list."

the Villamor's said...

washing windows? isn't that what blinds are for? :)

i also gave up Diet Coke...but because it felt like it was eating away my stomach lining:( i was so sad! good for you on all the resolutions. The only one I made was to complete a 1/2 marathon sometime this year...and i am already OK with the idea of making that a 2 year goal. ha