Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Grown Up for a Night

Last night I got to take a break from all the dishes, laundry, and whining to actually feel like a grown up and do something fancy.....

Kydon and I went to the opening night of West Side Story at the (fabulous) Fox Theater! I had seen the movie as a kid, but didn't remember much about it, except a lot of gansta boys doing ballet moves. (That part hasn't changed).

The music was incredible. I could have listened to those voices forever! And the Puerto Rican girls dancing in those twirly skirts was quite a treat for my eyes. And seriously, how in the world do those people remember THAT much choreography? The whole evening was filled with the same group of people dancing up a storm all over the stage in perfect unison. I can't even spell choreography without a little help- I was in awe just watching them move and dance, jump and twirl.

I was very grateful for my mom offering to babysit, as it is a little difficult to get the high school crowd on a school night! Any time I can go to the Fox is a treat, because the theater is just so amazing, and to see a great show was a bonus! Tickets for West Side Story start at only $18- about what you would pay to eat at Chilis!

Of course, I did come home to a sick kid with a very smelly mess to clean up, and I was awake all night helping my poor little pumpkin deal with sickness issues.... which made me even more grateful that I had a least a few hours to disappear into the lives of Tony and Maria!
I received 2 complimentary "media" passes to attend West Side Story, as if my little blog about living with children qualifies me to be in the media. We drove ourselves, found our own free parking, and walked 8 blocks in the rain. We had a great time, and I always enjoy myself that much more when something is free! Also, I really did clean up a very stinky mess when I got home. That more than pays for anything I might get free. I'm just sayin'.


ali said...

oh yeah, you definitely earned it!

Sounds like a blast, I'd love to see that one live.

colleensewnsew said...

Sorry your babysitter wasn't more on the ball, then you could have just relaxed when you came home. Glad you had a night out.