Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade Christmas 2011

I love making gifts for the holidays. It is a little more challenging as they get older- esp. for the boys! But I love to do it, so I am up for the challenge!
First I have to show what my mom made- these adorable lap quilts for each of the grandkids! The fronts are gorgeous- a panel hand picked for each one, some cute piecing around the edges, and little personal touches to each one like embroidered names, colors, special quilting.

The backs are the super-soft minky. We have been snuggling in these ever since they opened the box. One day I had to wash Jack's. He had to go to bed before it was dry. He was quite upset and told me that he was only going to be half warm all night! I had to promise to bring it up as soon as it was dry to keep him all-the-way- warm.
I made plenty of these checkerboard sets. I gave them to all the families on Kydon's side, then made one for us as well. It folds up nicely into a little pouch. Kydon had the great idea to make the checkers reversible, and they turned out great!
I only have a picture of one, but I made each of them a huge fleece blanket. Customized with their name, of course! I haven't used my embroidery machine in years, and I was having a lot of fun with it! My mom gave them fleece blankets a few years ago, and we have used them to death... we needed to replace them!
These fabric snakes ended up being one of my favorite things! They were so fun to make, and the kids just went wild over them! So simple- just some fabric scraps, a little stuffing, a red felt toungue and two button eyes.

I sent some to a couple of cousins as well. Even Kydon likes to wrap them around his neck when he thinks no one is looking! :)

A hooded towel for each. I should have spent a little more time making them cute, but oh well! They still like having a towel with a "roof". The other mistake was that I made them last Spring, but saved them for Christmas- except Abigail and Jack both changed their favorite color. They still liked them, but it could have been a little bit better.

In Primary last year they started encouraging the kids to bring their own scriptures. I bought each of the kids a Book of Mormon, which promptly got lost and/or sent to the library. So I bought 3 more, and wrote their names in them. Those 3 also got lost and/or sent to the library, and I had to go through a giant stack of books each week looking for the one with their name in it. Huge pain! So, I bought 3 more, but this time I made cute little covers for them, I used courdoroy, with a print fabric. I embroidered their name, and included 2 page markers and an elastic to keep it closed. In hindsight, I should have put the elastic on the front to loop around the back so when it was closed up there wasn't a big elastic going through the name. But overall, I LOVE the way they turned out! And they better not get lost again!
I had one more project that I just didn't get to, so I'm going to work on it and have it ready for a first-day-of-summer surprise. It is a little felt tent that will fit over our table to give them a little place to play.


colleensewnsew said...

You do such a good job making things. I love that you love it as much as I do. That is my favorite part of Christmas.

ali said...

great ideas!

Valeni said...

I love all the darling things you did too Shanna. you didn't mention the journal with cute quilted cover that you made for me. I love it and appreciate your great talent for making things! Keep it are an inspiration to all of us!