Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Champs, Baby!

I just have to shout congratulations to our Amazing Auburn Tigers!! 2010 National Champs!

Yes, even though we are extremely strict with bedtime around here (upstairs at 6:15, asleep by 7), we let the kids stay up to watch the game... which started at 8:30pm! We did make them take naps, which they were more than happy to do after sledding and playing outside in the snow all morning. They came in, got some hot chocolate and toast, snuggled into their new warm blankets, and went right to sleep. Abigail slept for 2 hours, Jack slept for 4, and I woke Aidan up after 5.

We all wore our orange and blue, and cheered the team to victory! The kids were totally into the game- it was so fun watching it with them and seeing their level of concentration! Aidan did fall asleep about 11:30. We let him sleep for an hour, then woke him up for the last couple of minutes to see the end of the game. Jack and Abigail were going strong the whole time- but they all fell asleep within a minute of hitting the pillow!

War Eagle!


Kelly said...

We went to our friends house from the ward. They just moved here from Birmingham and are avid Bama fans. It was hilarious watching them watch they game. Let's just say they were not happy with the outcome.

I just wanted the Pac-10 team to win, what can I say? What a wacky game though.

But I will give it to you...War Eagle!

Villamor family said...

what a game!