Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pajamas and Pancakes

Abigail had a fine, fabulous birthday! On her actual day of birth, we did a small celebration:

Lots of presents, and a family dinner with all the folks. She was eagerly anticipating the next weekend, because that was when her party was going to be. There was a little confusion about the whole birthday being on a different day than the party, and I think she still believes she had two birthdays this year!
I was asking my fabulous friend if she thought it would be better for me to send Kydon away with the boys, or if it would be better to keep the boys and have an extra adult to help with the party. She very generously offered to come over and help me out! And it was a lifesaver, let me tell ya!

Abigail picked the theme of "pajamas and pancakes", which I was very excited about! When the kids came in, we made some Paper People (there were boys at the party, so they couldn't be paper dolls), and cut out some fun paper to make pajamas for our paper people.

Abigail insisted on inviting her teacher, even though I told her over and over that teachers are busy on Saturdays! Finally, I let her invite her, but emailed the teacher to tell her she shouldn't feel obligated to come. To my surprise, she was very happy and wanted to come! Abigail was super-duper excited to have her there! This is Abigail with her teacher and the best friend who lives across the street and is in her class as well!

When the paper people were wrapping up, we moved on to pancakes. Thank goodness I had my friend cooking and me serving and settling! If I had been alone, there would have been a lot of burned pancakes!
When the tummies were full and all the pancakes consumed, we moved on to a game that Abigail thought up: Hide the Pancake!

Abigail created a paper pancake, and they took turns hiding it for the crowd to find. I love games that can go on as long as you need them to!

We also played musical pillows- identical to musical chairs, except you use pillows instead of chairs. As the kids got "out", they moved over to the table to make some bed bugs! I made little tubes of stuffed fabric, and they added eyes and pipe cleaners to customize their little bitty bugs.
Here is my cute niece showing off her bed bug and paper person!
When it was time to go, I handed each one a pillowcase that matched their bed bug with a packet of hot chocolate and some mini marshmallows for the goody bag.

Here is the crowd with all the loot! It was a really fun party, and I'm glad it only lasted an hour and a half! Whew! And I'm VERY glad to have friends that will voluntarily enter into the chaos to help me out!
For Abigail's torture, I made her wait until AFTER the party to open the gifts. I once had a party where we opened gifts at the party, and all of the kids went crazy, and gifts were opened and scattered and broken before I could even figure out who gave what! I don't think I'll make that mistake again! She very nicely let her brothers open a few, which helped them keep from feeling so left out!


Valeni said...

Sounds like the party was great...wish I had been there! Love you Abigail and so glad you are seven!

Cecilee said...

Looks like you had a really fun party, and I'm so glad that you had a friend stay and help! That is so nice! I am gearing up for a party for Jenna too. I'm just trying to decide what to do exactly. I am thinking a pool party at the YMCA might be best.... just keep all those kids away from my house, you know? We'll just have to see what transpires.... Happy Birthday Abigail! She's such a cutie!

the Villamor's said...

what a fun idea! and yay for Abigail letting her brothers open some of her gifts!!