Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day... Times Three!

It snowed in Georgia. Again. As if Christmas Day wasn't enough, it had the audacity to snow again. Last time was more of a dusting- a heavy frost if you will. This time it was/ is a full blown snow-in. We got around 3 inches. Which, in case you don't know, will shut the entire metropolitan area down until it melts.

No, I am not kidding. Public transportation is not running. Schools are closed, husbands are working (or not working) from home, stores are not open, meetings are cancelled.

Usually a Southern Snow Day means hibernate for 24 hours, build a snowman, watch a movie, and within 24 hours it has all melted and gone away and you my resume your normal life. I don't love snow of any kind, but that kind really isn't too bad. I mean, who doesn't like a day off of school or church once a year?

The problem with this snow storm is that it hasn't warmed up. At least not enough to melt all the white stuff. The roads are still icy, school is still closed, workers are still home. It has been 3 days, and it looks like it might hang around for a while.

I'm not complaining- it just means extra home school for us! The kids started to really ramp up the home school complaints this time, telling me that the neighbors don't have to do school, and their mothers don't make them do chores. I was prepared though, and I showed them the sugar cookie dough sitting in the fridge just waiting for 6 little hands to get to work. I told them that the other kids might not have to do school and work, but they also don't get to make cookies.

Once they had the right mentality, the work and school got done in a hurry! Then it was on to the cookie making!

I just divide the dough in thirds, throw flour on the table and let them go at it. They roll it, cut it out, eat it, poke it, do whatever they want, I pop it in the oven, and then they get to decorate with frosting.

**please note: I only offer these cookies to my own kids. That way I don't have to worry about trying to keep their hand out of their mouths.

Clean up really isn't that hard, just wiping up and a little vacuum. Oh, and a change of clothes. But it is worth it, especially when we are home with no where to go for 3 days!

Abigail with her completed project. I had to hurry and snap a picture as she was on her way out the door to play.

This is what our snow days have been: Work and school in the mornings (before the rest of the world is awake), then play or watch tv for a minute, still waiting for normal kids to wake up.

As soon as 10:00 hits, they get dressed in as many clothes as they can, throw on a hat and some very non-snow-friendly gloves and race outside. They stay outside sledding, building snow men, angels, and running with their friends until they just can't take the wet and cold anymore.

When the cold is unbearable, they ring the doorbell (hands are way too cold to open the door), strip out of their wet things and cry because everything hurts. Mommy helps them get into warm/dry clothes, wraps them in a blanket, and I make them hot chocolate and toast, just like my Mommy used to make for me after playing in the snow. I let them watch few minutes of TV while they warm up and refuel.
The second they are the least bit warm, I'm lucky to get a see-ya as they throw their coats/hats/shoes/gloves on again and go back for more. I start another load of laundry and wait for the next round! Repeat this about 6 times a day, times 3.

When the feet and fingers are super cold, we always have the option of the "heat vent huddle".

After 2 days of seeing the children for only brief moments throughout the day, and doing 15 loads of laundry, Kydon and I decided to finally venture out and see just what in the world they have been doing for hours on end. I know, we are total helicopter parents.

Unknown to all of us here in the warm GA climate, the neighbors across the street have the most ideal sledding hill ever. It goes behind about 6-7 houses, none of which have a fence around their backyard. It is sloped enough to get some speed and turn you around, but not enough that it is scary or dangerous at all.
The neighbors had raided all of their skii equipment, so we had plenty of boogie boards and inner tubes to share and take turns going down.

It looked so fun that Kydon and I had to join in as well- here is Abigail and I headed down! I even missed hitting the tree! Okay, I made contact with a few branches, but missed the trunk!

The kids all came home with minor scrapes on legs, noses, arms and faces! It didn't even slow them down- the fun was worth any pain!

After a little convincing, Abigail got Kydon to ride with her. Once he went, he was hooked, and insisted on going alone after that! I did my two turns down, chatted with a neighbor, then returned to my cocoon, leaving the rest to the fun.

Kydon stayed at least 30 more minutes, and came home looking like this!

I had to get a few pictures! And I love the gardening gloves doubling as snow gloves! The neighbors had socks with ziplock bags!

It's been three days, and it looks like we might have a couple more to go!


Taylor Family said...

I didn't know you home schooled. You really are super woman :)

Shanna said...

We don't really home school! They all go to public school- but anytime they have a break or a day off I make them do school work! :)

Cecilee said...

This looks like so much fun! I am laughing about all your makeshift winter gear. Especially the neighbors! That is funny! Glad you are enjoying some real winter weather.

Jen said...

At least you know it won't last several more MONTHS like it does here...I need to move somewhere warmer.

Valeni said...

Love this post and your cute explanantion of all that is happening. They were are amazing, the way they keep going back for more fun despite the freezing cold! Good for you and Kydon for joining them too... that takes heart! Love you guys and wish we were with you... (not really, I would be too wimpy to get out there!)