Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Party

On the 4th day of snow days, I was doing okay, but I knew the kids would like something to do, and I knew most of my friends were getting mucho-stir crazy at their houses!

So I threw a snow party! The ice was sort-of slushy enough to get around, so I invited everyone who wanted to come over for a get together. I baked a bunch of sugar cookies, so we started by letting all the kids frost and sprinkle their own cookies. (I never knew you could fit so many sprinkles on one cookie). Then I just popped a mountain of popcorn, put it in various containers, and we turned on a movie.
When you think about it, it wasn't that different than what we had been doing all week!
Except that we had 25 extra kids over!

I was just going to pull out some old movie that we had, but luckily one of the others moms is a lot cooler than I am and had Despicable Me! Many of them had seen it, but it was new and interesting enough that they were transfixed!

Except for the girl contingent that was intently playing with tiny dolls (Polly Pocket and Squinkies) in Abigial's room.
It was fun for me to talk to the other moms and have all those kids in my house! I loved it! And during the party it was announced that school would be closed the next day as well to round out a complete week of snow days!

Kydon hid upstairs pretending to work until they all left- then he helped me vacuum up all that popcorn!


Rebecca said...

So fun!! That's a bunch of cute kids! :)

Christine said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish we knew that many kids. :) You're one of those "cool" moms... I'm jealous. :)

ali said...

that does sound like fun, I want to come over for the next one!