Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talk about a long weekend!

Random cute pictures that have nothing to do with the post! Abigail in her sweet basket bed!

Someone figured out that in the past 26 days, the kids have only been to school 3 of those days! I guess someone must have heard me complain over and over that their Christmas vacation was too short!

I passed one of my major homeschooling hurdles this month. I had all 3 kids home for weeks on end, and I never felt like I was going to lose my mind!! Of course, there were moments, but they passed quickly, and I knew how to redirect so they stayed moments and didn't become hours. This was one of my biggest "home school fears", and I conquered it! There are still several other hurdles, but that was a nice one.

Much different than this age, where I was going crazy just about every minute of every day! My how times have changed- for the better! But aren't they cute????

So, while it was lovely having the kids home, and we all completely enjoyed ourselves, I didn't get a whole lot done (surprise). Well, actually I did get a lot done, but it was more the variety of school, basic cleaning, dishes, laundry, cook food, clean up, repeat. I have *other* things that I wanted to get done that made zero progress!

To make it worse, I paid the bills. Every time I pay the bills I get antsy, wishing we had more money. Watching it all get divvied up and go away makes me sad! So I paid the bills, then went to my work's website and signed up for an extra shift for tonight. My wallet will be happy, but my to-do list will be sad!

Plus I have a major party and adoption education class this weekend, which I have to get ready for. Things seem to sneak up! It felt so far away when we planned it!

So, this week's list looks something like this:

  • Today: do a little cleaning, then take a long nap. Work all through the night.
  • Tomorrow: sleep a little but not too much, finish washing the windows (a project that got started during those 3 days of school and never got finished).
  • Thurs: sand and paint the laundry room (another project that should have been finished weeks ago), prep for the dinner party and conference
  • Fri: finish prepping for party and conference, clean the house, cook food

I guess my long list will have to wait for next week!

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