Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today... of all days!

The hospital called me on Thursday asking if I would come in and work.  They call me almost every day, and every day I tell them no... sorry (except I'm not really sorry).  Even though I knew I was already scheduled to work on Friday AND Saturday night, I still agreed to go in.  (I'll give you one gue$$ why I said yes this time). 

I have developed a very strict sleeping regimen for when I work, and a crucial element is getting a nap before going in.  Unfortunately, since I wasn't planning to work, the nap didn't happen.  Not a huge deal, but I was REALLY looking forward to sleeping the minute I got home on Friday morning.  The plan:  sleep 5.5 hours, wake up and get the kids from the bus, then get ready to go back to work.

I got home at a great time.  I cleaned up and got into my pj's and climbed into bed.  I was falling asleep quickly.  And then the phone rang.  I came thisclose to not answering it, but then I remembered the time and figured it was either Kydon needing to tell me something or my work, since nobody else calls me that early.

Nope, it was the school.  Calling at 8:00 am.  (School starts at 7:40).  Apparently Aidan could only hack it for 20 min before he had such a retching stomachache that he had to come home.  I thought about telling him to suck it up, but several of us have had a stomach bug that started with a stomachache and progressed to yuckier things.  So, I told them I would be right there and hung up.

Then I remembered that Kydon had taken the car to work... because I was supposed to be sleeping all day!  So, I dragged my tired self out of bed, got my tired self re-dressed, and hoofed it over to the school.  Once again, I am SO glad we live so close to the school!! 

Of course he would come home on the very day I was hoping to sleep the most.  Of course the school would call this time, even though I have heard of several incidents where they go to the clinic with some minor thing and the school never calls me.  Of course it would just happen to be the first time I have worked 3 nights in a row in over 7 years. 

And, Of course the little darling wasn't even sick.  He totally played around happily all the stinkin day, and when I talked to Kydon I found out that he had remembered it was show-and-tell day too late to run home for a toy, and Meanie Kydon chased him down and put him on the bus anyway.  What a surprise that 20 min after his huge fit he just *had* to come home. 

At least I lost out on my sleep for a good reason.  I mean, it would have been unbearable for him to have to show a dumb toy at school (he still HAD a toy to show-- just not the one he wanted). 

I'm open to suggestions for proper punishment!


Melinda said...

I'm thinking no show and tell next week!

the Villamor's said...

argh!! make him nap for the 5.5 hours of sleep you missed:) how did work go?

Shanna said...

Melinda- yep, I've already told him that he can't take anything next week!!

I'm also thinking extra schoolwork next week to "make up" for the day he missed!

MK- work was fine. I was tired, but it was bearable!

Katie said...

In delicate situations like this I am pro spanking!
(I am totally just kidding, ...Mostly:)