Monday, January 3, 2011

The Week Before The Big Day

The week before Christmas was supposed to be calm, quiet, and relaxing. I prepped all the weeks beforehand- my shopping was done, my projects were finished. Everything was wrapped and ready to go. I had visions of quiet evenings, reading stories and drinking hot chocolate. I figured the kids would go to bed on time and we would be well rested for Christmas day.


Ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

It didn't happen that way! Sunday night we had a family dinner at my Mom's. Monday we had a Christmas Party at my Mom's. Tuesday we had music class and a niece/nephew piano recital. Wednesday we had 3 school parties and last minute out-of-school fun. Thursday we decided to take an overnight trip to see Granny and Grandpa one more time before Christmas.

Not one of those nights did we get to bed on time... more like 3-4 hours late! It was also our last week to enjoy Zippy, the Elf that came to live on our shelf. He was a little bit lazy, and sometimes I had to make up excuses to keep the kids upstairs long enough for him to find a new hiding spot, but the kids absolutely loved him!! He was their first thought in the morning, and when he said goodbye on Christmas Eve, I thought a few might break out in tears!
Abigail came down with strep throat. Nothing says Christmas like a trip to the doctor! All I can say is thank goodness for medication, because she perked up pretty quick.

Kydon's parents put on their famous fish fry for us. Man, do I love that fried fish with hush puppies!! So yummy! We stayed the night, then went on a short hike the next morning. It was so fun and so nice to get out and be moving for a little bit! We got home on Christmas Eve afternoon, ready to start our own tradition for Christmas Eve this year!

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Valeni said...

That was fun to see your pictures and hear about Christmas.