Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday is the new Monday

I guess I should have posted this yesterday, since today is technically Wed.  But since the kids were out of school for the real Monday, that made Tuesday into Monday, and so really today is still Tuesday, so I'm not that far behind, right??  If you followed all that, I know your brain is as twisted as mine!  :)

I find that lately I look forward to Mondays!  Sure, the first hour is hard- getting everyone up and dressed and fed and sprayed and brushed and out the door, but at 7:15, the bus drives away, and I am left with a quiet house.  I can regroup, do laundry, wash the dishes, and relax for a bit before they come home and chaos begins again.

I had 4 goals for the month of February:  finish some sewing projects, clean the basement, stain our stair banister, and finish our taxes.  Could I please have another month of February to get those done?  Because it is not looking so good with only 5 days left. 

Soccer starts in just 2 days.  Yes, I love it... but boy it is so much work!  Just getting the shoes on all 6 feet is enough to drive me crazy!  Plus water bottles, and soccer balls, and knee socks, uniforms and snacks to keep up with.  And if there is even one thing left at home, I will hear about it for a week!  The only good thing is that they are all on the same team once again!  At least after keeping up with all the stuff we only have to go to one practice and one game!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What goes up, must come down.

The kids were off of school for President's day, so of course we had to make the most of it!  We went to our favorite Atlanta hot spot- Stone Mountain!  Not much was open today, since it is actually a Monday in February and it isn't really a busy day for them.  We decided that the best use of our time would be to hike to the top!
It is about 1.3 miles, and most of the way up is a gentle, easy slope.  It does get steep right at the end, just to make you feel like you are going to die getting a good workout.  It really is such a unique place to go. 

The kids loved it.  Abigail made me promise to never do this again.  Jack told me he wished he could quit and just give up forever.  Aidan was all for it, except that he really would have rather been in his bed sleeping.  At least I picked an activity we would all enjoy!  Makes me feel really successful...

We did actually make it to the top!  I love this picture!  It has all of us except my Dad, who was snapping the photo, 2 year old Aaron who was not sitting for a picture, and if you look carefully you can see Carter crouched down behind the bench! 
Once at the top we tried a new activity- letterboxing!  I heard about it from a friend of mine.  Basically, people hide little boxes with a stamp and a notebook inside.  They leave the clues on, and you can look them up to find some in your area.  Apparently Stone Mountain has the highest concentration of letterboxes anywhere! 

First we followed the fence for a while, then found a "fence hallway", counted fence posts, walked 25 paces... and figured out the rest of the clues pretty easy!

It was super exciting when we found where one was hidden!  I wasn't quite sure it would actually work!

We stamped their book, and used their stamp for our papers... had to prove we were there!  The funniest part was telling the kids to try and be secretive.. not gonna happen with that crew!  Luckily my niece thought of a secret identity for us- we were posing as tourists from D.C., so I'm pretty sure no one caught on!  ;)

The next one was a little disappointing.  We found the spot pretty easily, but the actual box was gone.  I'm sure we were in the right space, because we found a geocache that the instructions said was in the same hole, but our letter box was no where to be found.
The third one took us around the back of the mountain- we had never been over there before, so that was interesting.  And, this one was easy to find and was still there... can you see it in the hidey hole?
All in all, it made for a pretty fun adventure at the top of our beloved Stone Mountain. 

The hike down was much easier, especially when we stopped for lunch.  I love this shot- it shows so clearly the big chunk of granite that you walk on, along with the views.  If you look closely, you can see the Atlanta skyline in the view. 
At the very bottom, we looked for one last letterbox.  We did find it, but it was no longer intact- it was just an empty box with no lid, stamp or book to be found.  At least we know we were in the right spot!  We will definately be letterboxing again, and the kids were talking about making one that we could hide, so we might try that as well!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 cute quotes

1.  The kids are always getting freebie spanish lessons from the guys who mow our neighbor's lawn, so I thought they might like to take a spanish class this summer.  I asked Abigail, and she let me know, quite emphatically, that this summer she is NOT going to learn ANYTHING.  She is ONLY going to PLAY this summer!

2.  Quite often when I ask Aidan a question, if he wants to do this or that, or if he has a preference for something, he responds by saying "I'm going have to think about that for a while".  It cracks me up every time.

3.  The kindergarten went to the aquarium this week.  That night, we woke Jack up to take him to the bathroom.  As I stand him up to the toilet, he rubs his eyes and says "Mommy, those beluga whales were really cool".  He must have been dreaming about them!  And they were pretty cool!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day With Daddy

I've always thought that kids need a little one-on-one time with their Daddies.  I also think it is good for the Daddy, and for Momma as well.  Thanks to me working weekends every once in a while, we have the perfect excuse for the kids and Daddy to have their day together.  He usually tries to take them out somewhere, so that I can sleep.  This past weekend he took pictures, so I thought I would share!

They started out at Lowe's for a kids building project.  Don't they all look so cute?  They made a nice little music box- when you open the lid, the music comes on.  He has some pretty funny stories about trying to help 3 kids with hammers all at the same time, and of course there was a bathroom run or two!  The music boxes weren't annoying at all!  They had such fine craftsmanship that of course the music didn't turn on unless the lid was open...  right?  And I'm sure it isn't what woke me up at 3:30 am the next night trying to figure out where that crazy music was coming from!  But don't worry, we have a "special place" where we put things like that. 
Still, they look pretty darn cute!  And it kept them busy for an hour, so I think we call that a success!
They walked around a neighboring city for a bit, trying out all the park benches and exploring a new place.
Kydon tried to get them to a BBQ place he found online, since I am not the biggest bbq fan... but it was closed!  So they re-routed to a mexican place, and I gratefully enjoyed the leftovers when they came home!
A final stop at the park took up enough time, and they returned home in the afternoon.  I love all his adventures with the kids, but I'm never sure if he is brave or just crazy!  The project and park I can totally see, but I don't know if I could take them to a restaurant by myself! 
Thank goodness for Daddy!  I also found out he usually lets them stay up late on the nights I work!  The secret is out!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Change Is Good

Out with the old...

...And in with the new!

...sorry the pics are so dark!  I've been trying to get pictues all week, but it is dark when Kydon leaves and dark when he comes home! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lonely Monday

A reminder of why it  is nice to have them at school!

Today is the first day since last Monday that all 3 kids are in school. 

I miss them!  Even though I spent all morning at the school helping with the celebration of 100-days.  One kid had a shirt that said "I made it".  I'm sure his mom was feeling the same way!  Even though they quite often drive me a little (or a lot) crazy when they are all home, I still miss them like crazy when they leave me.

 A reminder of why it is nice to have them home!

I have a list of things that need to be done (of course- I am a chronic lister), but I think for today I will relax a bit and do some sewing!  Try to finish some of those UFO's that have been hanging out at my sewing table for WAY too long!

Hope you all enjoy your Monday!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The good, The bad, and The ugly

The Good:

I have cleaned out my sewing room!  Cleaned and organized and everything put away.  Hooray! 

I've also gathered all of my UFO's (unfinished objects) into one bin, and I'm going to try and work through and finish those items!  I don't know if I will get ALL of them done, but if I can just at least make progress, that would be a happy day!  I will try to post some- that will give me the motivation to actually work on it!

The Bad:
My 3 little pumpkin heads are sick.  Not only do I feel sorry for them and worry about them, but it is kind of a pain in the neck.  I have to make 50,000 meals a day, since they are all running fevers at different times, and they want to eat when the fever breaks, and of course what sounded good to the sibling sounds horribly awful to them.  Also, today they are on the upswing, which means they can't quite go to school yet, but they are running around, playing, making messes and getting on each others' nerves! 

We have watched every Discovery channel special ever made (did I mention they all LOVE documentaries??).  Thank goodness I had the foresight to send Kydon to a redbox last night!!  hahaha!

The Ugly:

We trapped our upstairs roommate.  He has been making himself quite cozy in our attic, causing electrical problems and keeping us awake with his shenanigans. 
Here is Kydon feeling quite victorious after several failed attempts at corralling this sucker.

The kids were quite fascinated being able to see a real live (for now) squirrel up close.  We put him in the bathroom to prepare for his first (and last) bath.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick Days

Two kids... each feeling crummy... wrapped in soft fleece... each listening to an MP3 player. 

Sad, but cute.