Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 cute quotes

1.  The kids are always getting freebie spanish lessons from the guys who mow our neighbor's lawn, so I thought they might like to take a spanish class this summer.  I asked Abigail, and she let me know, quite emphatically, that this summer she is NOT going to learn ANYTHING.  She is ONLY going to PLAY this summer!

2.  Quite often when I ask Aidan a question, if he wants to do this or that, or if he has a preference for something, he responds by saying "I'm going have to think about that for a while".  It cracks me up every time.

3.  The kindergarten went to the aquarium this week.  That night, we woke Jack up to take him to the bathroom.  As I stand him up to the toilet, he rubs his eyes and says "Mommy, those beluga whales were really cool".  He must have been dreaming about them!  And they were pretty cool!

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