Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day With Daddy

I've always thought that kids need a little one-on-one time with their Daddies.  I also think it is good for the Daddy, and for Momma as well.  Thanks to me working weekends every once in a while, we have the perfect excuse for the kids and Daddy to have their day together.  He usually tries to take them out somewhere, so that I can sleep.  This past weekend he took pictures, so I thought I would share!

They started out at Lowe's for a kids building project.  Don't they all look so cute?  They made a nice little music box- when you open the lid, the music comes on.  He has some pretty funny stories about trying to help 3 kids with hammers all at the same time, and of course there was a bathroom run or two!  The music boxes weren't annoying at all!  They had such fine craftsmanship that of course the music didn't turn on unless the lid was open...  right?  And I'm sure it isn't what woke me up at 3:30 am the next night trying to figure out where that crazy music was coming from!  But don't worry, we have a "special place" where we put things like that. 
Still, they look pretty darn cute!  And it kept them busy for an hour, so I think we call that a success!
They walked around a neighboring city for a bit, trying out all the park benches and exploring a new place.
Kydon tried to get them to a BBQ place he found online, since I am not the biggest bbq fan... but it was closed!  So they re-routed to a mexican place, and I gratefully enjoyed the leftovers when they came home!
A final stop at the park took up enough time, and they returned home in the afternoon.  I love all his adventures with the kids, but I'm never sure if he is brave or just crazy!  The project and park I can totally see, but I don't know if I could take them to a restaurant by myself! 
Thank goodness for Daddy!  I also found out he usually lets them stay up late on the nights I work!  The secret is out!


Valeni said...

What a great Dad! So fun to see pictures of what they did while you were sleeping. Love you all

Ed and Jennifer said...

We totally have those same Lowe's aprons, splattered with badges! Kydon is a great dad, and you are a fabulous mom! I've ventured to Pizza Hut buffet with my kids by was fun :)Other then that, it's Burger King of McD's with the playland ;)

Kevin said...

So fun! Also, I love Abigail's jacket! So adorable!