Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday is the new Monday

I guess I should have posted this yesterday, since today is technically Wed.  But since the kids were out of school for the real Monday, that made Tuesday into Monday, and so really today is still Tuesday, so I'm not that far behind, right??  If you followed all that, I know your brain is as twisted as mine!  :)

I find that lately I look forward to Mondays!  Sure, the first hour is hard- getting everyone up and dressed and fed and sprayed and brushed and out the door, but at 7:15, the bus drives away, and I am left with a quiet house.  I can regroup, do laundry, wash the dishes, and relax for a bit before they come home and chaos begins again.

I had 4 goals for the month of February:  finish some sewing projects, clean the basement, stain our stair banister, and finish our taxes.  Could I please have another month of February to get those done?  Because it is not looking so good with only 5 days left. 

Soccer starts in just 2 days.  Yes, I love it... but boy it is so much work!  Just getting the shoes on all 6 feet is enough to drive me crazy!  Plus water bottles, and soccer balls, and knee socks, uniforms and snacks to keep up with.  And if there is even one thing left at home, I will hear about it for a week!  The only good thing is that they are all on the same team once again!  At least after keeping up with all the stuff we only have to go to one practice and one game!

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