Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A bit of sewing

I saw a favorite blogger of mine posted about making these cute shirts from sisboom.com, and I had to try it.
10 minutes later my paypal account was a teeny bit lower and within a few hours I had the pattern on my printer.  Love not having to wait for things!

This one I made from some fabrics in my stash.  I love how it turned out with the 3 different fabrics.  I was also playing a little with some different lengths.  This one is the shortest, it falls right at the hips.  Abigail told me it was too purple. 

A trip to my favorite quilt store found some super cute fabric, so I made this sweet top.  I bought some extra of the green and attempted some shorts {craft fail}.  I still have enough that I think I can make a skirt- at least I know that will turn out right!

I also wanted to try the dress, since we seem to always need new dresses for church.  I have bought several knee length dresses in the past couple months, but she is growing like a weed, and within a few weeks I am cringing at how short they become!  So I made this one extra long!  It was so easy to put together.  I really have to applaud Sis Boom for their wonderful pattern!

Now for the cutie:
I am always so worried when I make something new that she won't wear it!  But she LOVES them!  They are very much her style- colorful and soft with no "bumpy spots".  I did leave the elastic out of the sleeves, because I thought that might drive her crazy.  This one was a bit longer than the purple.  I was thinking it would be cute with leggings, but I think it would need to be just a touch longer to really look right with tight leggings.  I'm just happy that she likes it!  She was begging and begging for me to let her wear it dirty, but I stayed firm and forced her to let me wash it!

And here she is in the dress.  After I snapped the picture, we put a wide pink ribbon around the waist- it was absolute perfection!  I'm going to have to add in some belt loops, because the belt looked just divine on this cute dress.

Some links:
One Crafty Mumma (where I originally got the idea)
SisBoom.com (where I bought the pattern)


Savannah said...

Those shirts are cute, and the dress is simply adorable!

Jennifer said...

lovely lovely great great job..so glad it was easy for you!!!!! Welcome to the downloadable world. Nice meeting you!!!

Kevin & Rebecca said...

Those are amazing! Great job!

Cecilee said...

Very cute. Love the dress. Its so hard to find cute dresses for girls that age (already)!