Saturday, March 26, 2011


Aidan got his first loose tooth this week.  It got really loose really fast, and by Wednesday it was just barely hanging on.  We had tried to convince him to just pull it out, but he was nervous, and refused to let us near it or try it himself.  Being Aidan, he couldn't pass up this "first tooth" milestone without a little drama, so Wednesday morning he was attempting to eat his breakfast, and was crying and fussing about his tooth.  It hurt, and he couldn't eat anything because he wasn't able to bite or chew anything.  It was making my boy very distressed, especially as I was packing his lunch and he was getting more and more upset at not being able to find any food that was soft enough to eat with a very loose tooth.

I finally, finally convinced him to just let me try to pull it one time.  I was talking up a good game, telling him to get himself ready and squeeze his eyes shut and take a deep breath.... meanwhile I reached in and popped that sucker out in a second.  By the time he closed his eyes, it was out and done.  He couldn't believe it, and was so happy to run to the bus and tell everyone he saw that he lost his first tooth!
Isn't he cute?  :)

So, now that the tooth was out, he was SUPER duper excited for the visit from the Tooth Fairy.  There was a lot of discussion about how much money the Fairy leaves, and Abigail and I were happy to weigh in, telling him that for Abigail, she got $2 for the first one, then various amounts of coins for the next ones.  I felt pretty sure that the Tooth Fairy generally does the same thing for each kid in the family, but Aidan had a different idea.

He really likes these Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, and they cost about $3, so he was turning wheels in his brain trying to figure out how to get enough to buy a truck.  He asked me if he could write the tooth fairy a letter to leave with his tooth, and I said sure.  He then asked me to help him write it so that she would know exactly what it said....

He added the * and the line himself, then asked me to write "sign here" for him.  I imagine he not only wanted the extra dollar from the fairy, but he wanted her to be contractually obligated.  The Tooth Fairy was so surprised and enamored with his cleverness that she not only left the $3, but she signed the note in her special Tooth Fairy language. 

Aidan then spent the rest of the week having an internal debate- should he stick with his original plan and get his Monster Truck, or should he take his cash to the dollar store, and get THREE toys instead of just one?

It was a difficult decision.

He finally went with the dollar store, ending up with a suction cup gun, a police play set, and 25 balloons. 

I have been so entertained this week, with all of his explanations and ideas and happenings.  The only problem is that these kids, at just 5 and 7 are already outsmarting us.  We thought it was so cute and funny that he asked for an extra dollar and were so entertained watching it all unfold.  

But now, Jack and Abigail are planning to ask for $100.  We might have set a bad precedent.


Percy2626 said...

Funny! Your kids are really cute. I found you through The Middletons blog. You'd better try and convince the older kids that the Tooth Fairy needs her $ for all the kids in the world. If she left $100 for each tooth, she'd run out pretty fast! :D

I once forgot to have the tooth fairy come for almost a week! She came and took the tooth after being reminded, but the money didn't show up for awhile. It came with a tooth shaped note and "Final Inspection Tooth Value" written on it.

Sometimes fairies need to make a point. lol

Jen said...

I can't wait to hear how you get out of that one! Good luck!

Rebecca said...

This is the best story! What a smart/cute little guy! Um, but the tooth fairy definitely needs to draw the line at one extra dollar. He looks so proud with his dollar store loot!

Jennifer said...

I guess those letter writing skills you taught him are paying off!