Friday, March 18, 2011

It is working

The new plan is working.  The tantrums have completely stopped. 

The requests for things continue, but when I tell them "no", they simply move on rather than have a meltdown. 

The crying is minimal.

Resistance is futile is disappearing.

The kids are cooperative, happy, and (for the most part) well behaved.

The other night at dinner Kydon made the remark... "the kids seem a lot happier than they have in a long time".  He was right.  They are  happier.  Yesterday we finished our work 30 min early, so I told them they could have a little extra playtime.  You should have heard the shouts of joy. 

The sassiness and backtalk have gone away.

And, as a bonus... my house has never been cleaner.  Just in 3 days we have:  cleaned out the car, scrubbed the bricks, picked up sticks, worked on laundry, dusted every piece of furniture, cleaned all the bathrooms, washed windows, and cleaned out closets.  Today we will tackle the backyard! 

I knew it needed to happen, but I have to admit that I am shocked at how quickly they changed.

I have had numerous emails from parents who are going to implement this plan, and last night at a dinner 3 different people asked me details so they could try it as well.  (If you have any questions, feel free to email or comment, and I will answer them).  What can I say... I'm ruining the lives of kids everywhere.

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ali said...

yeah, I'm thinking it's a good idea too, I'd like to figure out something like that for us. I'm so glad it's working so well for you!