Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping up with everything!

 Soccer season has started once again!  I love it and it drives me crazy all at the same time! 
I love watching them, I love the activity, I love how much they love it... but keeping up with all the *stuff* gets a little crazy sometimes!  But when I see how happy they are at the games, it makes it all worthwhile!
Jack gets so intense when playing!  His face can pull some pretty crazy expressions!
2 of our 3 games have been rained out, so that is quite a bummer!  Maybe next year we will just do the fall season and not the spring.
My newest baby nephew was born!  Love the squishy cheecks and the mop of hair!  I love that we live close enough to see him!
I have been sewing up a storm, completing many of the projects in my "unfinished" bin.  It feels so great to make the progress!  I also sewed skirts for Abigail and all her friends to match- 5 skirts in 5 hours... not bad!

All of this is in addition to the job of being The Enforcer for our new schedule.  It is still working fantastically well!  Snacks are under control, homework is getting done, and everyday the kids and I get a cleaning project finished.  I love it!  I realized that we are taking the weekends off.  They get all sorts of treats and snacks and very little work.  But, I am totally fine with that.  It helps add to the rhythm that we are in a work mindset during the week and we can relax and play on the weekend.  I am just happy to not have all the fits and screaming when I ask them to help out.  They really do it willingly now, and most of the time try to finish as fast as they can to go play!  Thank goodness for things that work!

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Katie said...

I just love that picture of you and the baby. You look stunning! So beautiful.