Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning peace and quiet

I can't believe how well my new strict plan is working.  There was a bit of easing up this weekend, we watched tv and there were several treats eaten, but they still did a bunch of work and were generally more agreeable and happy as we went about our days.  This week we are adding in some TV tickets, but the work won't decrease until next week.

There was a huge Aidan meltdown at soccer on Friday- the first meltdown since we started The Plan.  I blame it partly on myself- usually I make them eat dinner at 4:30 before we go to practice, but they always throw such a fit and give me so much trouble that I decided I wasn't going to battle- if they didn't want to eat then they didn't have to.  But I should have forced it, because Aidan went into full meltdown mode almost as soon as we got there, and was miserable.  Lesson learned for me- we will eat before going next week!

This week is busy, as usual!  I work tonight, then Abigail has her musical performance tomorrow, plus I am working like crazy to complete my 40 projects- so far I have 14 done and just 26 to go! 

I find that I am enjoying the peace and quiet that Monday brings.  I think in general things go much smoother when we are all home together, but I can't deny that it is nice to have an empty, quiet house and I can get my work done!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Cecilee said...

I think your strict parenting plan is very interesting. I think my kids would benefit from something similar. My only hesitation is that I may want to stray from the plan and I know that would cause a lot of problems. I can't be so strict on my self, you know? Still, I might try it because I know that they would love having a strict schedule to follow. Jenna in particular loves rules and exactness so she would actually enjoy it.

Good job and I'm inspired by all your ideas and hard work. Your kids are lucky to have you. ;o)