Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Most Boringest Day Ever

Sometimes I surprise myself with how mean I am to the kids.  It is almost like I have a sadistic sense of humor, and get pure pleasure out of finding new ways to torture my 3 complaining cute kids.

My sister lives far, far away, and she visits only once a year or so.  Unfortunately I had to work during her visit, which means that I was completely out of commission for about 4 days while she was here.  To make up for lost time, I decided to steal her for an entire day and just be able to spend time together.  Also, I did want to take advantage of her massage therapy expertise!  (It was lovely- if you are ever in Eugene, OR, please visit About Touch)

After getting my neck massage, we drove over and picked the kids up early from school, then headed up north to one of the most amazing waterfalls.  I had plans for hiking, playing, a picnic lunch, and clues to find a letterbox.  On the way up, after the initial excitement of getting out of school wore off, Abigial declared it to be The Most Boring Day Ever.  Thanks, kid.  Remind me to bring you along the next time!

Also, all thanks to my sister for taking all the pictures and letting me use them!

Look at that beautiful waterfall.  I figured it would be gorgeous with all the rain we've had recently, and it did not disappoint.  I can't remember when I last saw something so boring.

We made our first stop at the visitors center where we saw live snakes, a taxidermied display of all different woodland animals, we ate a picnic lunch, played on a playground and went to the bathroom 37 times (some of us more often than others).  It would have been mind-numbingly boring, but luckily Jennifer pulled out the cool Aunt card and bought everyone a piece of candy.  Nice save, Auntie!

We took advantage of the hard work of GA inmates and climbed up all the stairs they built- over 400 steps to the top of the beautiful waterfall.  At the top, we played around and enjoyed the views.  When we recovered our energy, we hiked back down all those 400-something stairs and took a 1 mile loop trail that held the promise of a letterbox.

After mistaking a couple of trees, and getting confused about stumps, we DID find the letterbox spot, and it was actually still there!  Pretty awesome!  We stamped up, then the kids all jumped on top of Jennifer and rolled her around in the dirt and leaves for a while.  I felt like I was at a fancy weight-loss spa:  massage in the morning, fruit and pasta for lunch, a nice hike, and then mud bath/exfoliation.  See- you don't need those fancy places, just come visit me and I will sic the kids on you for free!

We tried our best to figure out how and when this truck got high beamed into a tree.  It was facing up a pretty severe slope, and the tree was growing all around it.  Pretty cool sight, but also boring.

Hiking is also boring, just in case you are wondering.  See how bored they are as they run and play and climb? 

So is climbing up huge rocks and skateboarding down.

The trail we took led us in a loop, starting out at the waterfall, then hiking around, and ending up back at the base of the falls.  It was really beautiful, but Aidan was getting a bit tired.  They all had done so well, but catching sight of 175 more steps started the complaints anew.  I stopped at one of the viewing decks, and said to Aidan- "isn't that beautiful?"  He didn't miss a step telling me that no, it was not beautiful.

I couldn't help but ask that if the waterfall wasn't beautiful, what in the world was?  His reply- "only me".  Can't argue with that one!  Jennifer and I put one foot in front of the other and made it up the steps.  The kids took off at a trot and kept calling down asking why we were going so slow!  It was a beautiful day- a little chill in the air without being too cold, relaxing and fun. 

We took one last view of the fall as we walked back to the car.  I love it!  I can't wait to go back in the Summer and see it all green and gorgeous! 

We got home and Jennifer tried to solidify her status as favorite Aunt by jumping on the trampoline with them, but lost a few points when she refused to play the ever- popular "Head Butt Horsey"  (don't ask- it was invented by a 16 year old boy, and I pride myself on knowing as little about the game as possible.  I only know that it involves head butts and riding people like a horsey.  Use your imagination for the rest).

Goodbye, Jennifer- we love for you to visit!


eartohear said...

i MUST remember to always check your blog if I want to laugh. Hilarious about all the boring-ness. It always manages to make me laugh just thinking of you and the kids. What a handful! good thing you are well-equipped to handle that crowd. They ought to see how other kids live sometimes, and be more grateful!U are always doing great things with them! amazing! Maybe you could start a grateful discussion each day with them so they don't turn into brats! haha. :) Its funny how kids have no clue how good they have it!

Kelly said...

Sheez! That did look boring. I am glad I never have to have a boring day like that.

Lisa L. said...

I fell asleep just reading about that boring day.

Jennifer said...

I confess to falling asleep in the car on the way home.