Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Special Place

I have one major secret to keeping my house somewhat organized.  It is called my special place.  I put so many things there, and it really helps to keep up with all the chaos that would otherwise overwhelm.

You know all those millions of worthless toys that come from treasure boxes, goodie bags, kindergarten fairies, happy meals and all sorts of other places?  They are cheap, usually broken, and will clutter your house in a second.  Also, they don't have a home- there is no place that they belong.  So I put them in a special place.
With 3 kids in school, I have a stack of papers every single day that need a place to be.  Some are just trash- advertisements, ads for after school care.  But some of it you might want to put somewhere- things like actvity books, artwork, samples of math and writing and cut and paste worksheets.  All of them get put in my special place.

If the kids make something nice for someone, like these cute letters they wrote to their visiting aunt... but she forgets and leaves them here, I just put them in the special place, and then I don't have to worry about it anymore. 

When a toy breaks, but it is a favorite and the kids just can't bear to part with it, I put it someplace special.  When they bring home a whistle that drives me crazy, it somehow ends up in a place that is very special.

Our special place is in our kitchen:
It is so handy to have and use this special place!  There is no end to the things it can hold and take care of for you.  If the kids ever ask me where something is, I can answer with full confidence in two different ways:
1.  "Mommy- where did you put that broken toy that I love?" "I'm sure I put it someplace special.  I'll try to find it later".


2.  "Mommy, where is that picture that I brought home from school that I worked really hard on?"  "I honestly don't know where it is".  (I have never actually been to the city dump, and I really have no idea where it is) 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with bits and stuff and papers, I highly recommend designating a special place in your home to put all those wonderful things!


Emily said...

I love the special place. Now i don't feel as guilty that i use it!! Glad to know your house has one too!!

Melinda said...

Me too! Though I have 2 special like yours, and one that recycles--so all those wonderful papers get turned into more paper that is reincarnated as another lovely school project

Camille said...

I've been using my "special place" A LOT since reading this post! It has truly simplified and uplifted my life. I don't know why I keep these dumb scraps around!

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I forgot my letters, but it sounds like it's too late :(