Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter is NOT Christmas (shocking)

3 cute kids were so excited for the Easter Bunny to come and leave baskets full of goodies.  They talked about it non stop for weeks.  They had all different theories regarding what he might bring.  They tried to remember what had been left in previous years, and what bearing that might have on this year's bounty.

 It was so exciting you might have thought it was Christmas!  Oh... wait... one kid DID think it was Christmas!  When he saw the basket, he was okay.  But when he realized the basket contained mostly new clothing, and just a couple small toys, he got very, very upset. 
He was quite offended, and kept yelling "It isn't as good as when Santa comes!"  Yes, that's right, kid.  It isn't as good as Christmas, and it never will be.  Good to learn now, because I can promise that I'm not doing Christmas more than once a year!  I only wish I could have gotten a better picture of his cute little crying face!


ali said...

you did more than I did this year, I just had an egg hunt and called it good. I resent having to buy gifts for my kids for every dang holiday (I know, I'm a grump).

Shanna said...

I felt grumpy this year too! They all needed some shorts for summer, so they got that, a pair of (needed) new shoes, and a jump rope. Obviously not that exciting! :)