Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Traditions

We usually do our baskets and egg hunts on Saturday morning, leaving Easter Sunday free of chaos and candy (except for the chaos of making them wear clothes they don't want to and not eat candy that they do want). 

We spent the early morning at home, discovering our baskets and new clothes and shoes.   I got a new set of lawn chairs, which I use a lot in my role as soccer mom!  We then went to a fantastic soccer game, came home to relax for a bit, then headed to Grandma's for our annual egg hunt.

One of my favorite childhood memories is doing an egg hunt at my Grandma's house, and my mom is creating those same memories for my kids.  Think hundreds of eggs, special prizes and treats, followed by a huge dinner with delicious food. 

When my Dad sees this next picture, I predict he will ask, in an exasperated tone, why we always take silly pictures of him.
And I will answer, as I always do, that if he didn't jump in front of the camera and pull a silly face, I wouldn't take the silly pictures!

Here is what we were really trying to get a picture of:  The cousins before the hunt.
If it seems like not enough kiddos, that is because there are 3 who were very much missed on this day.  We needed 3 more faces with baskets to complete the set.
Let the hunt begin- the littlest go first, much to the torture of the biggest.
Luckily Jack and Aidan didn't have to wait too long- they were ready to hunt!
Go, Aidan, go!
The bigger kids tried to act cool, but you could see the gleam in their eyes if you looked closely!  :)
Found one!
Some are easy to find, others are a bit more difficult.  And the squirrells always rout out any that might be missed.
Matt, Adam and I were the official photographers of the event.
Kydon was there too.
Love this one of little Aaron discovering an egg!
After the baskets were filled to overflowing, we stopped to eat a delicious dinner.  Not that the kids were hungry at all, but the adults enjoyed it!
Little Gavin did his best to sleep through the whole thing.  Don't worry, baby- we will do it again next year!


colleensewnsew said...

Thanks for the great pictures. I love seeing the faces of the kids.

Catherine O. said...

We missed being there, too! Luckily, your mom was so awesome to send the boys lots of eggs so we could do a little egg hunt of our own. But, we needed all the cousins to be in the package, too :)