Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lessons Learned On Spring Break

  • My kids are really lucky to have 6 living Grandmothers, who each know them and love them.  And spoil them!
  • 8 people cannot reasonably be expected to eat 23 giant bowls of Noodles.  No matter how yummy it tastes, it just isn't physically possible.  But there was room for a rice crispy treat at the end.  There is always room for that!
  • If you never want to see your kids again, simply build a basketball court in your basement.  Goodbye, children- see you when it is time to go!
  • Cafe Rio is just as good as everyone says.
  • In-N-Out Burger is not as good as everyone says.
  • My Grandma's cooking is better than all of it combined.
  • Aidan prefers an early bedtime and a set schedule.  He actually made me promise to put him to bed at the REGULAR time when we got home.  That boy needs his sleep!
  • A story problem:  If One 5 year old eats Candy + Junk food + chugs a 32 oz soda it will = gastronomic distress.  A good life lesson.
  • Kydon cannot stand to be at home for more than 24 hours.  Thus, upon completing our trip to Utah on a Thursday, there were still 2 whole days of spring break left.  Therefore, we had to go to Tennessee.  Obviously.
  • I need to take more pictures.
  • Traveling is a lot more affordable when you get discount airline tickets, free places to stay and hardly ever eat out.  Who knew.
  • As long as the hotel has an indoor pool, it really doesn't matter where the hotel is located.  The kids just enjoy the swimming.


Valeni said...

Always fun to read your news. Thanks so much for posting regularly. I really enjoyed our trip to Chattanooga. So glad to be one of the "Living" six grandmothers to the kids.

Katie said...

What! You were in Utah and didn't tell me? There is no place if Utah I would not have traveled to meet you IRL! (and I'm sure you would have enjoyed that so much more than spending time with your family who you actually traveled all that way to see:) Next time you better plan a little Katie time.

colleensewnsew said...

It was so fun to have you there! I really enjoyed vacationing with your family!

StrawberryBlond said...

I agree about In-n-Out. What is the big fat deal?

Glad you had fun!

Erika said...

Shanna I love the updates! Can't wait to see pictures, if you took any :)
I have to defend In-N-Out a little bit...maybe it's the SoCal girl in me, but it's the only fast food burger I will eat. Yum! And I am totally with you on the deliciousness of Cafe Rio.

ali said...

hey-- them's fightin' woids. In-n-out is the best fast food hamburger ever. (you have to remember that it is fast food, and should only be compared to it's peers i.e. MacDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's etc. Obviously if you compare it to a 5 star restaurant it's going to come up short ;) )

Shanna said...

Ali and Erika, I should have explained better- I thought In-N-Out was *fine*, perhaps good even. And, compared to other fast food, it was quite good. HOWEVER, there are quite a few people around here that swear In-N-Out is the best food they ever ate, and they travel back west primarily to eat there. People act the same about Cafe Rio, so that is why I wanted to try both of those places. I think Cafe Rio was deserving of the hype, and In-N-Out wasn't. To me, it was just okay, not something I would go way out of my way for. :)

Lisa L. said...

I agree about In-n-out. It's not bad, but I heard so much about it all the time I was at BYU (they didn't have one there at the time). And when I finally tried it last year, I was very disappointed. It was a fine burger. Nothing that I would rank better than any other burger I've eaten at a fast food place.
And I'm jealous that you got to eat Grandma's cooking - I definitely was bummed about missing out on that fantastic-ness!