Monday, April 18, 2011

Makin' me laugh

Just for fun- here is Abigail in her cute little Easter Egg dress that she just *had* to have for the Easter Egg hunt!  And her 3-D glasses, of course.

Maybe it is just that I was a little off today from working all weekend and general sleep deprivation, but the kids were cracking me up all afternoon.  I made Ramen Noodles for an after-school snack.  Abigail had them for the first time at a friends house and requested them.  Aidan heard us talking about Ramen Noodles, and when I handed him his bowl, he sniffed it for a minute, then asked "is this really Rotten Noodles?"  I could just see him trying to decide if we were joking or if he was supposed to eat rotten noodles!

After snack, I just wasn't up to helping and/or forcing the kids to do their cleaning work.  I decided to give myself them the day off.  I started to joke about it, saying "Oh, kids, I have to tell you some REALLY bad news.  It is going to make you all really sad..."

Abigail immediately pops up and says "YOU ARE HAVING A BABY!!"  (not in an excited way- in a way that she thought that was the worst news ever!)  I started laughing and told her that no, I wasn't having a baby, but if I were that would be *good* news, not bad!  She countered, telling me I would get really sick and throw up and they would have to cut me open to get the baby out and I would walk around with my belly cut open forever and kids take all your money and they drive you crazy.  I was doubled over, I was laughing so hard [and yes, I obviously need to stop complaining, but we'll save that for another day].

After I composed myself and told them that the real bad news is that they didn't have to do any cleaning and I was really sorry because I knew how much they loved it, Jack and Abigail got excited.  Aidan, however, was still not happy.  His source of annoyance?  "M-ooooo--mmmm!  I wanted to hear REAL bad news!"  He does like to hear about the bad stuff!


Melinda said...

That was great...thanks for the laugh. I'm glad you won't have to spend your life with your stomach cut open!

colleensewnsew said...

Is that what happened to my stomach & money!

the Villamor's said...

oh how funny about Aidan...all that build-up for nothing!!